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  • May 12, 2011
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Review of InMotion Web Hosting by

InMotionHosting was born in 2001. For the last ten years, with the boom of the growing Internet, InMotionHosting has quietly been building this web hosting business one happy customer at a time. The customers are extremely loyal and stand alongside the company. InMotion Hosting consistently ranks in the top 3 of web hosting companies.

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InMotionHosting uses Unix and Linux operating systems. This network for web hosting is incredibly reliable and fast. InMotionHosting consistently benchmarks for the performance of the web sites and consistently monitors for anything unusual that pops up.

If it is a short term issue with InMotionHosting, it can be taken care of immediately while it is happening. This helps to keep the web hosting economical to keep a person or business on budget along with providing broadband readiness optimal and keep the system growing with InMotionHosting.

Because of this strong commitment, InMotionHosting has stayed ahead of the competition. From speed, reliability, and being economical, InMotionHosting will outperform anyone. They stay ahead of the technological curve. This web hosting company is the only company that offers Max Speed Zones.

Max Speed Zones helps the website uptime. With InMotionHosting, you can choose the data center that is closest to where the business is located. The website and email could literally run six times faster with InMotionHosting.

Most web hosting companies have only one place where they run everything. This can make things lag and look funky when a person is looking at the website live, which is bad for business. With InMotionHosting this is guaranteed not to happen.

Business Class and VPS clients will be able to use this service with InMotionHosting. InMotionHosting currently tests forty-six locations globally and thirty-five in the US.

InMotionHosting uses their technology and business sense to help find new and better ways to work. From hardware to software and trying new methods to complement the tools that already exist. InMotionHosting is proud of the work they do in the company.

Customer suggestions are always welcomed and listened to. These ideas have sometimes been used after an formal evaluation and approval with InMotionHosting. When approved, the new technology is added to the servers.

InMotion Hosting is actually owned by the employees. The average of four years experience of web hosting is found with employees, but ten years experience of web hosting plus other skills are found in the senior staff.

From management to things breaking and being fixed to many more things, InMotionHosting has been there and done it from real experience. This is why technical support with InMotionHosting truly understands the problem unlike some other web hosting companies.

InMotionHosting even has a support on their website to help teach, guide, and have you implement the tools to be successful. A person will be able to build, maintain, and grow their website either as a business, blog, or just for fun with InMotionHosting.

InMotionHosting has business class web hosting, VPS web hosting, and dedicated servers if needed. InMotionHosting is currently having a special for business class starting at $5.95 a month.

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