New Technology: MIT and Volkswagen

  • May 13, 2011
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New Technology: MIT and Volkswagen

People are find it distracting when they are playing with their phone while driving sounds that are distracting. But no need to worry since their is latest navigation concept from MIT and Volkswagen called the AIDA Project. This AIDA Project is a new technology of joint venture between MIT’s SENSEable City Lab and VW that stands for Affective, Intelligent Driving Agent.

The Volkswagen AIDA, the newest creation from the VW and MIT, is a remarkable display of advanced technology. It was initially developed last year as a robotic head in the dashboard that would provide anyone with directions but today is now a holographic virtual display that allows someone to view a real- time version of their dashboard as they drive. This Volkswagen AIDA can be synchronized with one’s personal schedule and slowly begins to recognize what they are interested of and where you would like to eat. It also allows to suggest activities or restaurants that the consumer is interested of while they are traveling through the city. This new technology also has the ability of incorporate real- time information into your recommended route design.

Today, the Volkswagen AIDA is still in the developing stage, but could alter the way some drive forever, providing the drivers with a personalized constantly updating information system as well as another distraction while on the road. Notice how AIDA knows the users schedule either where someone like to eat or the activities they are interested of and more. The more the users use this, the more systems learns about the user and the more it is effective it has becomes just as giving you  the information you need when you need it also.

With all this relevant information being displayed right in front of the users, it seems like it would be hard to spare much concentration for the mildly important task of not smashing in to the guy in front of you. So all us need a system that is a little less distracting in the future.

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