Review of Mozy Online Backup – Do You Really Need Mozy?

  • May 23, 2011
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Review of Mozy Online Backup – Do You Really Need Mozy?

Mozy is an online backup service for both Windows and Mac users. This service allows users to back up data continuously either manually or schedule updates. Mozy is known for offering backup storage space for home and business users. Now, Mozy has two products: the MozyHome and MozyPro. MozyHome is intended for consumers for backup purposes while MozyPro is for business class backup purposes.

Protect Your Computer Files

So why do we need to backup our files? It is true that it is impossible now to recover some lost and corrupt data in our computer files or systems. That is why system backups are becoming a necessity for computer users especially those in big companies. Since thousand of people lose their important documents, highly valuable information, financial updates and many more everyday, they are now aware to use the Mozy online backup system.

Specifically everyone of us need a backup system that is why many users are purchasing the Mozy online backup. So how does Mozy works? Mozy uses an existing internet connection in a house or business to secure and safely transmit files to Mozy’s secure services. These files are heavily encrypted before transmission to avoid any exposing sensitive data to hackers. Mozy automates this entire process for keeping the information safe and protected while saving the files. During the backup process, Mozy saves and protect the files for any unwanted virus that may be included while backing up. As of now, Mozy online backup is used by the majority of banking online transactions today.

When it comes to pricing of Mozy online backup, there are two different options to choose either you used the MozyHome version where one can used it unlimited per month paying only $4.95 or the MozyPro version at $3.95 per month when you acquire the Desktop Licenses or the Server Licenses at $6.95 per month.

Using the Mozy online backup has its own advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages includes the following: it is easy download and it will let you browse your files with standard browsing and as stated the price is reasonable. While its disadvantage is that it can be a bit difficult to find your files at first.

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