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  • June 19, 2011
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Review of eBay ProStores by

This is part one of my three review series on best places to find online wed design solutions.’s first review is on the very popular eBay ProStores builder. Read to find out what I think of eBay ProStores.

Now available on eBay is an Ecommerce software called ProStores business. This Ecommerce software allows users to create web sites, host it, and it is also a shopping cart for a very affordable fee of $100.00 for setting it up. There are 143 templates and various building tools which enables users to customize their website to best suit their needs. When using the ProStores business users will be able to offer a wide variety of products to their customers on their web sites, while being able to setup web sites where affiliates can sign up to market their products on the internet.

Also available with the standardized Ecommerce software program are some features offered. If you happen to sell a wide variety of products from various manufacturers it is also possible to give your customers a chance to view these products directly from the source. You can also manage your online store and look through it effectively and efficiently. Also for continuous organization, you can also easily export your data into an excel spreadsheet to keep things organized. This software allows easy tax calculation as well as shipping compatibility such as FedEx and UPS. There is also the option to place your products on eBay to optimize your sales quota through the integration tool also provided by ProStores business.

If you own an accounting software, this Ecommerce software also allows you to integrate with that accounting software. The only disadvantage experienced by the use of this software is that unlike other websites where downloads are available, it is not so on this site. Emailing is also not available, neither is direct search engines submission, but with all the other features which are allowed, it makes this disadvantage seem insignificant. Because of the fact that ProStores business is a web-based program, there is no need to download any software on to your computer. If your website needs to be built or maintained, this is done through your web browser.

Usually when setting up internet software of this type, there are no instructions. This software however, comes with instructions that are easy to follow, when setting up your online store.  People sometimes wish to renovate after a period of time has elapsed. They give you the option of choosing wizards who walk you through the process of setting up your online store.

Prostores business enables you to create your online store with a simple three step process. These are: designing your store, selecting your theme and layout, as well as how you want it to look, and also how you display your products. You can choose your settings by entering the basic information which is required for set up, such as products and fonts which will be displayed on your website and last but not least, after doing the above, you can then open your online store.

On the home page of the ProStores Business website, you can find interactive links to order, statistics and the data of your customers as well as information on your products plus more. They assist with your marketing, email campaigns, and content submission to search engines daily.

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