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  • July 10, 2011
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This is my third review in a 3 part series on the top places online for business card is probably the lesser known company of the three I reviewed, but it consistently ranks the highest among places to print business cards.


How does one make the business to be known to more and more people? One of the answers can be by distributing out business cards. When one thinks of a business card, a boring piece of paper comes to mind on which the person’s name, title, and contact details can be given out. How can one make one’s business card stand out among others and be the one that is not easily forgotten in the pile of business cards? The answer would be to look at the website

Moo has provided its customers with not only revolutionary business cards and ideas but also with stickers, mini cards, and greeting cards. There are lots of creative card ideas that are always being updated by the Moo team so that one does not have to look at the same, old boring cards time and again.

An important term on the Moo website is the “printfinity”. This means that a customer can order a pack of business cards with each card having an individual print on it. These can be great as well as unique to make someone remember one’s business and face. Printfinity is unique to Moo.

The Moo site also offers its customers with various types of stickers. One can find stickers for the company logos, names, labels, and more. The stickers are also made with a lot of thought and creativity by the Moo team and community. The stickers can be made in either a circular or a square shape. One can not only get individual logo stickers but also picture stickers for personalization. Picture stickers will have a picture of a person on them. One can also order the business card stickers.

You can also create a sticker book with ninety different pictures, logos, and more to make a small pocket sized book. The stickers have been designed especially for easy taking out and sticking. One side of the sticker is perforated so it is very easy to peel the stickers out. Moo stickers are printed on very high quality of vinyl. The glossy finishing of the stickers makes the pictures and the writing on the stickers prominent and attractive looking.

Another unique product of Moo is the Moo frames. One can easily arrange the mini cards on Moo frames for promotional purposes, as a gift or a creative display of art work. The frames can be arranged in a portrait or landscape form, whichever suits the customer’s taste and style.

Moo also provides its customers with unique envelopes. These envelopes can be personalized and can be ordered to be made in any color. One can easily order envelopes to be made for greeting cards as well, which are also a Moo product.

Another of the unique Moo products is the notebook. One can order notebooks with hardcover, leatherette binding, and more. The pages of the notebooks can also be ordered to be made according to the tastes of the customers.

Apart from all these wonderful products, one can also get expert advice, ideas, and suggestions from the Moo team and community at

Offer: MOO Business Cards $21.99 for 50 unique, customized Business Cards, each one with a different design.

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