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  • August 8, 2011
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Do you do any business online or offline? Or are you a public figure? If the answer is yes you already know the importance of online reputation management. Reputation is a leader in the online reputation management industry, covering privacy control.  They have recently received new financing from the technology investment company known as August Capital in the amount of more than $40 million.  August Capital invests in many rapidly advancing companies specializing in innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors.  This is just one of the many investors that have made Reputation a multibillion dollar corporation


The Founder of Reputation says that this funding comes at a time when truly needed.  Because of the masses turning to social media and other online outlets for various items, such as shopping, our daily lives are increasingly being lived out online.  Being able to control who has access to our online identities is something that the public is considering to be of utmost priority right now, and this will continue into the future even more so and more rapidly.

There are many industries that are built upon having access to online data, such as search engines and social networking sites.  This has made our online identities become a source of raw data, much like capital or labor; something that companies can use and profit from, meaning that now, more than ever, we must protect what is most dear to us: our online identity and our reputation.

Because the amount of personal data that is submitted online continues to grow, companies are figuring out ways to profit from that information.  Reputation serves the online reputation control management industry, that gives individuals control over their own digital lives.  The company plans to use this new funding to improve their services and to grow the size and scope of their services for individuals and corporations alike.

It is being said that, as the use of online services continues to grow, so will the amount of identity theft and reputation corruption, as companies find new ways to exploit individuals’ data. serves to give individuals back the control over what is allowed to be said about them and what information can be used for certain purposes.  This company is trying to give consumers back their online security and their digital lives.

The technology being developed by Reputation will make it easy for people and companies alike to control what the internet can say about them or their business.  Reputation offers both free and paid solutions to the problems that face all users of the internet on a daily basis.  The solutions that they offer cover every aspect of digital life.  By going to their site you can find more information about their products and services, along with a pricing guide.

Thanks to the backing of many different firms, including August Capital, this company has created a service that will help people and companies to define and control their own online reputations.  They currently serve customers in over one hundred countries, and have been given awards for their premier service.  They are also endorsed by some of the leading analyst firms.  If you want to control your online reputation, Reputation is the company to choose.


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