Looking For Cheap Music In The Cloud? Look No Further Than MOG.com

  • September 4, 2011
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Looking For Cheap Music In The Cloud? Look No Further Than MOG.com. Review of MOG.com by CashSherpa.com.

Do you love music? Is your music collection growing due to the worldwide web? Still searching for albums and songs that are so hard to find? What about paying prices that are not even worth it but you do not have a choice? Watch out Pandora!! There is a new kid in town and their name is Mog!
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Mog? What on Earth does that mean? Well they provide you with over eleven million songs and growing. You can connect to FaceBook to share with your friends. They have artist only radio stations to listen to and you can even download your tunes mobile or on the go.

Mog is changing the face of everyone else. They have taken ideas from Pandora and other places and basically revamped things. From our Internet radio stations we listen to, to sites we download our music from, to social media connections, to now the ever growing mobile devices we all use. Everything now is being synced together. It is not a wish or desire anymore. Companies are listening to what the needs are of the consumers. One of them is Mog.

Mog gives you what you finally want when you want it. From playing a game and listening to your favorite artist to finding that song that was impossible to buy or even find, to finally being allowed to share with your friends when you do find it. Even discovering some awesome new talent to run and tell the whole world about.

The beauty of that is when your song is found, download and keep it forever. Because your music is not just downloaded on your PC or Mac, it also will go on iPod Touch, iPhone, Google Android, and anything else that Mog can think. How about a cool $5 a month to do that? Can you imagine how many tunes you could collect over time?

Do you like to watch TV but keep missing your favorite shows? How about not missing your favorites anymore and watch them anytime you wish? Watch out! Mog is changing that also. All you have to do is buy the TV box called Boxee. After that, it is free of charge to use.

What Boxee does with Mog is take those shows and movies off the Internet and places them on your TV for your viewing pleasure. You can even use it on your computer by creating one. If your PC is capable to watch TV,  just download the software. Then use the Android or iPhone as a remote or buy a PC remote control.

You do have to have a cable cord. Check for a HDMI port or just buy an adapter. Plug your TV and PC together and sit back and relax. If you Netflix, you can also view them along with MUBI or MLB. Can you imagine the possibilites with Mog?

Now you know who Mog is. What are you waiting for? Try them today to see a whole new world of possibilities.

Start your MOG.com 14 Day Free Trial

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