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  • September 6, 2011
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Review of VeriSign by

One of the many goals of is about taking your web site to the next level. A company called VeriSign can do this. When shopping online for products and services, you want your information to be trusted. From your credit card number to your login and passwords down to your address and possibly your social security number. For this to happen a service called VeriSign takes care of all this for many thousands of websites across Internet land.


This is where businesses place their trust that VeriSign will verify all their information and credentials to prove who they are. When information is verified, there is a seal that is placed on their websites showing this verification. That is the famous check mark you have seen throughout the years. That check mark is a trademark and belongs to VeriSign.

When you are shopping for those products and services, you know the person behind the business. You are confident that everything is as it seems. The products are real and authentic, the services to be digitally downloaded will match the product description you are buying and so much more. Protecting your identity while shopping while verifying the business and their identity. This is why VeriSign is a trusted leader in the Internet industry.

For businesses, their sales and traffic has increased by using the VeriSign Trusted Seal. They can go from being a small fish to competing with the big fish. It is worth the investment right up front when starting an online business. You need every possible tool imaginable to even survive on online. One of the most ones is the SSL Certificate.

The SSL Certificate was born way back in 1995 from VeriSign. They were the very first company to give a Secure Sockets Layer or a layer of protection for very important client websites. These are financial business like banks or e-commerce auction sites for example. With this SSL, it showed big dog businesses made sure that all information was protected and secured when financial transactions were taking place. The SSL Certificates now gives two choices of encryption at either 256 or 128 bit. That is impressive!

These business tools that VeriSign also provides help to teach businesses and consumers both to learn phishing sites, get rid of malware, viruses, and spyware by using the Symantec program. The information is constantly being updated to keep teaching you different things. There is never anything old and updated with VeriSign.

Did you know that everyday you are online that VeriSign is seen over six hundred and fifty million times a day? This is in one hundred and sixty-five countries and over one hundred thousand websites of viewing. VeriSign now secures over one million servers worldwide, not just in the US.

Out of the banks that operate on line ninety-seven out of one hundred use VeriSign. Fortune 500 companies place their trust in Verizon with an impressive ninety-three percent. In North America, eighty one percent place their trust in Verizon with their e-commerce sites.

You can tell VeriSign is here to stay until the end of time. They are proven, established, and most of all trusted my millions of satisfied customers and businesses on a daily basis.


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