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  • September 6, 2011
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Do you run an eBay business or any other business? If you do you know like me that the most annoying thing is having to go to the Post Office to purchase stamps. It not only takes time to do this it also takes gas money.


If you are an online business that needs an alternative solution to shipping your packages out, try The reason why? They are a smart, modern solution with one stop shipping and more.

Whether you want to ship a package, mail a stack of postcards to clients for an upcoming event, or anything else in between will send them either overseas or right here in the US. You will never have to drive to the Post Office again!

With no driving and high gas prices, you are already saving money with At around sixteen dollars a month, the mail person will come straight to your door to pick anything for you. You can print onto your envelopes and even your weight will be officially calculated for you with all official USPS pricing and following their guidelines.

If you are a business that has to send something certified, no problem! will even do delivery confirmation, international forms, or anything you are used to with USPS. Never fill out anything by hand ever again!

If you are shipping around the clock, do not wait for the Post Office to open. Just access anything you need as the Internet never sleeps. Just schedule your pickup time and take the worries off your mind. Your customer will know when their package is shipped with an email confirmation from You will always know where your package is from start to finish.

You have to have a postage meter to correctly weigh your packages. At, meters are actually cheaper and no fees or charges you are used to. This is all part of your monthly membership at Stamps. No more contracts, no more leasing to buy, and no more expensive ink. Use your PC or Mac’s ink instead to print onto your shipping labels or straight to the envelopes. You can use an digital weight scale to weigh things.

Just download the software that Stamps provides. Then, tell it what you want done. Print multiple labels along with invoicing or print straight from Quick Books or Microsoft Word. Take your PC address book and start printing. Everything is saved to memory for each time that Stamps is needed. No more filling out forms again and telling the software over and over something.

This greatly helps when selling on auction sites. Stamps will go straight to your shopping cart, eBay, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, or Paypal. It will also send the shipping info back to the site to update your records and even hide the postage amount if you wish. A return shipping label can even be included just in case.

You see you just eliminated many steps throughout your day that is always done. is an extra pair of hands and an awesome tool to do one stop work. Stay in one place, stay focused on your shipping, and then go enjoy the rest of your day! Or, go drum up some more business with that extra time to generate more money for your family.

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