Sony SMP-N200 Network Media Player Announced

Sony SMP-N200 Network Media Player Announced

Sony is well known for its media players, and last week they announced their latest product, the SMP-N200 Network Media Player. The announcement came at IFA, where the company showcased the device to everyone. The SMP-N200 is to replace the SMP-N100 from last year, and adds quite a few new features.

Amongst those features include the ability to stream HD movies, a wireless connection using wi-fi, support for 3D movies, and the ability to connect to other devices such as a PC or media boxes and stream content from them. The device also takes advantage of your Internet connection to play free web content like YouTube, and provides a browser to search online content. Finally, it can turn on at a lightning speed of 3 seconds.

On top of playing video and audio content from your own system, using the built-in wireless or USB connection, the SMP-N200 also connects to the Sony network and offers all Sony content available, just like other Sony Network Media Players. The device provides full 1080i HD output through HDMI and Component connections, allowing complete flexibility in playback options.

As a top of the line product for this task, the SMP-N200 provides crisp images and video. You can play video, but also watch photos or listen to music from your PC, or directly from the Internet. With the 3D experience, all the newest movies can played with no issue at all through the SMP-N200.

Why bother with disks or other removable media anymore, when Internet TV is the future? And Internet TV doesn’t have to be complicated either with a Sony product. This device includes full manuals, and can be set up in a breeze. With the large hard drives available in today’s PCs, the SMP-N200 can take advantage of all that storage to provide the maximum output on your television.

This media player also comes with a Smartphone based remote, an innovation which allows you to control the device directly from your smartphone. You can select a video source, control functions, and play back YouTube videos at the touch of a screen. Automatic updates also keeps the SMP-N200 up to date with current technologies.

Finally, the SMP-N200 already comes out of the box with support for all popular file formats, as well as most video sources and formats. There are millions of classic or contemporary films available at your fingertip, and the SMP-N200 plays them all. Experience a new way to browse and view content online and wirelessly, directly on your TV. Then, you can share your viewing experience directly with your friends on Twitter or Facebook using the built-in software.

The pricing has not been officially announced yet, but the release is expected to be in October 2011. The older model is already available at around $70 so this one is rumored to be at around the same price.

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  1. Winst Says:

    I have already ordered one.
    I have tried Ac Ryan, Meb8er 500, Sage Hd300, Apple tv, Ruko, and Popcorn Hour A-210; my exprience are a very mix bag. Some operate like in primitive digital, some require nerd experience to get limited functionality.






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