Best Christmas Gift Ever? Beer Making Kit From

  • November 21, 2011
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Best Christmas Gift Ever? Beer Making Kit from

Are you tired of those lame Christmas Presents you get every year? Why not get the gift of a hobby you can do year round. A hobby that keeps paying off year round in delicious beer. There are many sites that offer beer making kits, but is one of the few that offers a kit to make 6 gallons of beer for under $100. With beer making kits the ability to make bulk batches is make separates the garbage kits from the quality ones.


Their most popular $99.99 kit includes:

•    1 30 Liter Fermenter to Make 6 Gallon Batches of Beer
•    1 Durable Beer Hydrometer and Measuring Flask
•    1 Mixing Spoon
•    1 “Little Bottler” Tube and Bottling Valve
•    1 Tap
•    1 Lid and Krausen Collar
•    1 Brewers Log and Dry Erase Marker
•    1 Thermometer
•    30 740ml PET Bottles and Caps
•    1 Instruction Booklet
•    1 Instructional DVD-ROM
•    1 Cooper’s Lager Beer Kit Package – which includes:
o    1 1.7kg Coopers Lager Beer Kit Concentrate with Yeast
o    1 1 kg Coopers Brew Enhancer 1
o    1 Bag of Carbonation Drops

Customer reviews from

Good way to start brewing for small investment

Although the kit has some substantial drawbacks, which I’ll discuss shortly, it was enough to get me started in home brewing and teach me enough to know what upgrades I needed to make. I rated it a 4 based based primariliy on its value.

Arguably the best brew kit you can buy

Well what *can* I say? This kit is fantastic. I have always enjoyed a beer, or two – or even ten – and this kit is capable of making some excellent product with little effort.

One of my friends is into home brewing which has definitely sparks my curiosity. He has made some great tasting beers over this past year. I plan on purchasing this kit to get started making beer in the new year. I think these types of gifts, the ones that keep giving, make the best Christmas presents. The process of making beer with this kit anyone can do.

How to make beer with the kit:

Step 1 – MIX
Mix the beer kit concentrate, sugar and water.

Step 2 – BREW
Add yeast and ferment.

Bottle the brew, add carbonation drops, then store till ready.

Step 4 – ENJOY!!!…
The satisfaction of brewing your own beer, free from additives and preservatives.

They have even included an interactive DVD-ROM on how to make beer with Coopers DIY Beer Kit.

So there you have it… This Christmas I plan on buying this kit and so should you. I will keep you updated on my beer making progress with this kit!

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