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  • November 28, 2011
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Adknowledge Review by

Are you looking for more traffic to your web site? There is nothing more frustration that searching for a quality traffic source. I’ve been an advertiser of now Adknowledge for years. Quality of advertising has only improved.

It’s an ever growing problem for advertisers, finding the right channels on which to advertise. Of course, Google is the big one, the giant in the industry, but AdSense makes sense mostly for search. The fact is 95% of users’ time is spent outside of search, on sites all around the web. Advertising on search is not enough, and instead a complete campaign should include thousands of web sites. But it’s not feasible to contract with all these sites, and you don’t want to be stuck on just one platform. That’s why Adknowledge is quickly becoming so popular and so important in the advertising campaign of many companies.

Adknowledge is an advertising network that covers thousands of sites, and works in the very well known bidding model that most ad systems use. With over 10,000 advertisers on the network already, it makes sense for you to start looking into the network right away, and get the keywords you’re interested in. The site offers a comprehensive solution, divided in two sections for advertisers. The first is their direct response offer, where businesses can advertise directly by bidding on key words, and placing ads in the system, to be displayed on thousands of web sites. The second section is social media, which offers a strong integration into Facebook, YouTube, and more, through banners or video ads. This is a big advantage over Google, since you can pin-point your targeting much more accurately. The site also provides detailed statistics and charts so that you can view in real time how your campaign is going.

Some of the other advantages of using Adknowledge is the lower cost, since there’s a lower number of players using the system, as compared with the number one in search. So you can get your ads shown on more sites for a lower price. Also, the site allows more direct means of communications with clients and customers, something that wasn’t possible before, with highly targeting tracking of user action. And because Adknowledge is dealing directly with many publishers, you know that you’ll always have better quality than with AdSense, where an endless number of SEO professionals try to game the system. This is a particular advantage that the site offers and can be greatly beneficial for advertisers. Of course because it’s smaller, you don’t get quite the reach of AdSense, but that can be good and bad. Already a lot of big sites are trusting Adknowledge, like Groupon and Vayan Group.

Overall, the advertising network space is fairly small, with the number one owning so much of the market, but it would be a mistake to put all your eggs in the same basket. Instead, a lot of other networks exist out there, and Adknowledge is one of the bigger, most straightforward options available to you as an advertiser.

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