How Amazing Was Cyber Week? I’ll Show You

How Amazing Was Cyber Week? I’ll Show You

Online shopping this year was bigger than it has ever been.  Cyber Monday sales during cyber week hit $1.25 billion, Tues. Nov. 29th hit $1.12 billion, and Nov. 30th $1.03 billion. To date $18.7 billion has been spent online representing a 15% increase over last year.

This seems like great news for the US economy with sales this strong the end of recession seems like it will be in our near future. One of the most successful promotions this holiday season has been free shipping. It seems 52.2% of online transactions this year involved free shipping that’s a 10.4% increase over last year.

Here are the online shopping facts from ComScore:

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  1. Gail Young Says:

    I was amazed at the increase this year on the online shopping. I hope this signals a trend upward in our economy. I liked the chart comparing this yr. and last.






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