Fat Burning Furnace Review by CashSherpa.com

  • December 27, 2011
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Fat Burning Furnace Review by CashSherpa.com

In the spirit of the New Year I wanted to do a review of one of the top selling fat burning programs online. It’s called the Fat Burning Furnace created by Rob and Kalen Poulos. If you plan to buy this product please read this review first. It’s hard to get unbiased reviews for the products since everyone is selling the product on their web site. Even searching YouTube many of the ‘testimonials’ seem biased.

Here is one YouTube testimonial that seems legit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rJ43isw3gk&feature=related

Program breakdown:

– Boost metabolism
– Diet program is rather basic
– Program is mostly based on increasing exercise
– Increase metabolism by doing basic strength training at least 20 min. a day
– More muscle means increase in RMR (resting metabolic rate)
– There are multiple versions of the program (Deluxe, Ultimate, and Blowtorch)
– System is sound, but does it really require the purchasing of this material? If you want to find work out plans for free I’d recommend BodyBuilding.com. Also, I diet that has worked for me search Google for the Paleo Diet it’s further explained in the book 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss. If you do want to purchase this program visit here: Fat Burning Furnace

The Fat Burning Furnace is a web site and product that’s sold for people trying to lose weight. It’s currently a very popular product online, and sold through affiliate marketing by many web owners. But is it a good product? Will it do what it claims, and help you actually lose fat? There’s so many scams out there, especially with those kind of products, so how do you know your hard earned money goes to the right people? Here’s some actual facts about the Fat Burning Furnace.

First, it’s interesting to note how amazingly difficult it is to find real, actual consumer feedback about a product like Fat Burning Furnace. A simple Google search brings up pages of sites with the name in the URL, such as fatburningfurnaceguide.org or fatburningfurnacereviews.com and so on. All of these sites have almost identical reviews, using the same graphics, and fill in the first 20 pages of your Google search results. Some of the top results include words like ‘scam’ and ‘does it work’ yet all come back to an amazing, glowing review, clearly not written by an actual customer. I for one wish these products would provide more actual, balanced feedback, instead of investing in buying dozens of domains to spread articles and fill the results of anyone trying to find real information about the product. Now that isn’t to say the product itself isn’t good. In fact, when you do find consumer reviews, it’s actually all pretty positive as well.

While the main web site for Fat Burning Furnace doesn’t specify what exactly is included, it turns out that this package comes with an ebook that explains Rob Poulos’ plan, the creator of the Fat Burning Furnace, along with various sheets for exercise routines. The product also has an optional series of videos, in which you can see a lot of what you’re expected to do to lose weight. The basic principle of the program is to do daily exercises, around 20 minutes a day, along with getting a specific diet. It’s clear from looking at the material here that it’s highly science based, and there’s few doubts that should someone follow this system correctly, they will lose weight. There’s various levels to this program, aimed at different people and their specific needs, and while it covers the exercising part well, there’s less material when it comes to nutrition. You’re expected to do a lot of preparation by yourself. Also, the text is filled with product recommendations, which may go over more like a sales pitch than a true weight lost product.

Overall, is it something that’s worth the money? At $39 for the base price, and $69 for videos, it’s hard to say. For a new user, someone who wants to lose weight, and doesn’t know how to go about it, then yes it’s probably very likely that they can get what they’re looking for out of this system, especially if they are able to stick to the schedule. However, if you already have good knowledge of nutrition and exercising, then investing in actual training videos may be a better buy. I’d lean to the side it’s not worth the price. I’d purchase a $10 book such as Timothy Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body for real results. In his book best part you get a “cheat day” where you can eat as much as you like to boost your metabolism.

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