Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software

  • December 29, 2011
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Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software

Many experts will tell you that one of the most important step when trying to start or grow a business is getting a good business plan. In fact, that’s the first thing you should do when you’re even thinking about what business you want to start. If you need a loan, an investment, or when dealing with any kind of financial institution, your business plan is also the first thing they look at. This is why you need a professional one, something that both contains relevant information, and looks professional. If you’re a new business owner however, you may not have the skills needed to do the perfect business plan, and that’s where Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software comes in.

A business plan is a very important document. It needs to contain several different items that people will expect to see. It’s not simply about outlining your plan for your business, but you need concrete figures, projections, what everything is based on, charts, and much more. Having a well made business plan may be the difference between getting a loan or being rejected, so it’s of critical importance. While you could hire a professional to make it, that’s a very expensive option, and whenever you need to modify it, then you have to pay again. Instead, a small company called Palo Alto Software introduced a nice application called Business Plan Pro. This software is several years old now, and has been updated every year since then. It’s now feature packed, and provides a lot of help and tips for people who want to make a business plan. It’s a must have for anyone who want to make their own document, and want the best possible result.

The main advantage of Business Plan Pro is how easy to use it is. Every step of the way, you get examples and explanations. Through tips and tricks you can avoid common pitfalls, and design your business plan following a template, making sure you include everything that should be included. The software also comes with over 500 examples, which means you can always base yourself on an existing one. This program also makes it easy to create beautiful results. Whenever you need to display numbers, you can use the chart functions to create colorful charts that display what you want to say in a much easier to understand way than a simple table. The software also knows about all the requirements for things like the SBA, business loans, venture capitalists, and so on. Using that knowledge, it will guide you to craft a business plan that’s optimized for these uses.

Overall, while it’s true that you probably don’t need to create business plans all the time, and buying a product for a one time use isn’t appealing, Business Plan Pro is actually not that expensive, and when you think that a good business plan can bring in thousands in added financing, which you may not have if you had a badly formatted plan, this is easily worth the buying price.

Business Plan Pro

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