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  • January 18, 2012
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HubSpot Review by

Getting an online business to make profits, and to grow, can be a serious challenge. There’s more competition every day on the web, and getting those viewers to click on your ads and engage, spending their money on your products, becomes more difficult. That’s why so many site owners turn to many different SEO and marketing techniques, but with so many choices of what to do out there, it’s hard to find the right strategy. That’s why sites that group up all your marketing needs are starting to become more popular, and among them, HubSpot is one of the most liked and used in the industry. Here’s an overview of what they offer.


HubSpot is a small company that started a few years ago, and aims to provide all the online marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that you may want. While the goal is pretty big, do they really deliver? In many ways they do, although they still won’t guaranty success, but they do provide all the tools you may need to succeed by yourself. HubSpot provides search optimization through keyword charts, allowing you to compare how well you rank with your competitors. It features blogging software so you can easily share content on social media. It has landing pages and lead generation tools. It provides marketing and email tools to facilitate ad campaigns. It has multiple analytics pages to allow you to see how well your site is doing. It also integrates with many CRM, Salesforce and NetSuite so you can keep using those professional services.

As to how well all those tools will help you, that can vary a lot. Certainly, HubSpot provides a vast wealth of information. Depending on which package you buy, you’ll have access to a lot of tools to do your online marketing right. For example, the Enterprise package even allows you to do A/B testing of various lead generation pages, which is crucial to find out what works and what doesn’t. So for a business owner that actively uses these tools, there’s no question that HubSpot does work. Many customer reviews report increased sales and a better understanding of their clients when using HubSpot. Comparing this service with other similar offerings can be difficult. Each business is unique, and you may have better success with another offering. But comparing something like HubSpot with doing everything yourself, there’s no question that this site makes it a lot easier and simpler to get started. Doing everything they’ve done as far as information gathering and services by yourself would be quite an undertaking.

Overall, HubSpot is likely to be well worth it for any new online business that wants to grow its sales, and go from no strategy, or an in-house strategy, to something that makes sense. However, if you already have a working plan, or you use a competitor system, it’s unsure whether or not HubSpot is for you.

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