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  • January 18, 2012
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Want to start a business in 2012? Starting a business can be an involved, and complicated process, especially when it comes time to register it with the state, and filling in all the necessary documents. There’s so many types of corporations, and so many things to think about when creating your company. Fortunately, there’s people out there that can help you, which is the basic idea behind and the services they offer. The site provides a lot of information about starting a business, and sells simple packages that will handle the whole process for you, customized to your needs. Here’s how their services look like.

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First, there’s no question that a new business owner can quickly become overwhelmed with all the terms and requirements that they have to fulfill. For example, do you know whether you should register your business as a C, S or LLC, what should be included in your annual reports, or what a member transfer ledger is? The first thing you can find on the site is a lot of information about these things, that explain them in a way a new business owner can understand. Browsing the top menus leads you to such information that is both free and useful. It takes you step by step between the various stages of business creation, and tells you about all of these concepts, with comparison charts and informational videos. Their learning center, for example, is filled with answers to common questions new business owners may have.

But the core of the site is a series of packages that they sell for each type of new company. There’s the basic package, and it goes up all the way to a professional, all inclusive plan. With these packages, anyone can start a business, and the people behind the site will handle a lot of the process for you. How much is handled depends on how much you’re willing to pay. Some of the included features include things like name research, filling up an article of organization, operating agreements, member transfer ledgers, annual reports, business maintenance, and so on. They also take care of fees like the publication fee, the state filing fee, along with shipping and handling on any paperwork. Customer support is always available to help you out should you have questions or concerns. Whether you pick the basic or the premium package, you get access to many useful features that can help anyone who wants to start a business, by providing information and services that they would otherwise need to do themselves.

Overall, is a nice idea, and a useful service for those who want to start a business but don’t know all the details on how to get started. Certainly, you could spend the time to learn all of this yourself, and if you knew people who have done it before, they could help you along, but this is a quick and easy way for anyone to get it done online.


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