Fisher Price Kid Tough DVR CES 2012

  • January 23, 2012
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Fisher Price Kid Tough DVR CES 2012

I wish I had this as a kid! The experience of being a parent is very rewarding. Molding the life of a person while teaching that person about the world in which we live can be very fun, particularly if you have the same interests. Chances are, however, if you’re interested in gadgets, your children has shown interest in the toys you tinker with on a constant basis. Regrettably, kids can place some heavy risk on your electronics and gadgets, do giving them hands-on time with your costly possessions maybe rather nerve wrecking. Many gadgets won’t stand a chance against butter fingers and sticky fingers from a three year old, and that is why the Fisher Price Kid Tough electronic line is so attractive. At CES 2012, in the 2nd week of January, a portable DVR was unveiled by the company which is tough enough to hold its own against horseplay with your kids.

This device, which is dubbed as the Kid Tough Portable DVR comes in either blue or pink and is designed for kids between ages 2 and 5. Although it is called a DVR, this recent addition to the Kids Tough electronics line is really more than a media player as it features a 3.5” touch screen and a headphone jack to let them watch stuff while on the go. The rechargeable battery that it has can last for up to 6 hours and it can be recharged using a docking station. In order to use this device, you just have to dock the DVR in the station, attach it to the set top box and then set the time and length you want recorded.

The device greatest feature is definitely not storage space, as it only has a standard of 2GB. You can however, expand this o up to about 32GB if you need to place more stuff on it. It is set to be released in stores in the month of May, and the price is about 150 dollars. Do you wish to buy one and have your 4 year old test out its ruggedness?

You will be able to buy it in either pink or blue. It has a comfortable but tough case, with tactile areas which softens its ruggedized display, thus making it easy to hold. It has nice big buttons which makes it easy for young children to use.

The Portable Kid Tough DVR can be attached to a TV satellite system and programmed to record and save TV shows to its hard drive. You then unplug, give it to your child, and make a 4 hour car ride much better. It has a built in stereo speaker as well as 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

In June 2012, it will be sold retail at a price of 149.99 dollars.

Watch the demo video to see it in action!

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