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  • February 24, 2012
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When you’re trying to launch an online business, often this includes getting a shopping cart system setup. While making your web site has now become a very easy process, where anyone can do it without having a lot of in-depth computer knowledge, getting your shopping cart to work can still be a tricky proposition, because there’s so many parts that need to work together, like payment processing and inventory management. Thankfully, there’s solutions out there that can be used, and provide a host of features that plug directly into your existing site, saving you most of the work. This is the case with 3dcart, one of many shopping cart systems out there. But is it worth the money? Let’s find out.

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3dcart is a key in hands type of solution, meaning that when you subscribe, they provide a feature rich set of solutions that you can supposedly plug right into your existing system. Regardless of the type of store you make, whether it’s to sell digital goods, real world products, or Amazon affiliates, you can customize your shopping cart system, and have your own storefront using 3dcart. They have their own administration section from which everything is configured, and then you simply link your storefront from your blog, site or even a Facebook fan page. The company claims over 10,000 businesses use 3dcart for their own shopping cart needs. The nice thing also is that they provide demo videos, free training, and even a 15 days risk free trial offer. So to get started, this can be a very nice option.

Some of the features you find in 3dcart include quick setup with no transaction fees, so there’s nothing to install and no initial payment to be made, along with Visa certified PCI, showing that they take security very seriously. They have a mobile platform available, so your shopping cart will show up on phone browsers, Facebook integration so you can get social sharing done, a built-in blogging feature so you can keep your customers informed, and email scripts as well. They also have integration options for many third party services like FusionBot, Amazon, GoDataFeed and more. Finally, your storefront can be customized through over 50 templates for free.

So what do users think of 3dcart? Overall, it seems like review sites are mixed. There’s no question that you get a lot of features for the price you pay. The free training is also a big selling point. However, even though the company claims that they offer free support, in reality the lack of customer support seems to be the number one complaint about the site. Many users end up giving this service 3 stars out of 5 purely based on the lack of support, which may be an important issue if a problem comes up.

Overall, should you use 3dcart? That’s obviously up to you, and certainly if you need a quick, easy setup then maybe it’s the site for you. However, there’s a lot of competition in this market, including some very big names like Yahoo! offering similar solutions. This is clearly one of the smaller players, which doesn’t make it bad by itself, but it’s still worth noting if you’re aiming at a long term site. For hobbyists, it’s clear that 3dcart can work just fine. For a larger online business however, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

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