Review of the CORKCICLE ‘Wine Gadget’ by

Review of the CORKCICLE ‘Wine Gadget’ by

Everyone enjoys wine for supper, or even for special occasions. In fact, many studies show that drinking a glass of wine can help keep you in good health. But any professional will tell you that most alcohol beverages are best at a specific temperature, and you lose a lot of the natural taste when a bottle is allowed to go up to room temperature. That’s where there’s a lot of tricks and techniques that people use to keep their bottles of wine at the right temperature, but it’s hard to keep it constant once it’s out on the table. That’s where Cockcicle comes in.

When a bottle of wine gets put on a table, it quickly starts raising in temperature, going up to room temperature. Studies have shown that as early as 15 minutes after it’s out, taste starts changing because the liquid becomes too hot. After 45 minutes, you get a really big difference. So instead, some people put the bottle inside an ice bucket, and you get the inverse result. After 15 minutes the temperature drops, and 45 minutes later your wine is just too cold. Instead, Corckcicle works in a completely different way, and keeps your wine exactly how it should be. So lose the bucket, and get Corckcicle for your wine bottles and you will find your favorite drink at just the right temperature, again and again, as you keep using it for both white and red wine.

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So how does it work exactly? Corkcicle is a long icicle that drops down from a cork, filled with a special gel that keeps the bottle chilled from the inside. There’s no more mess from using external buckets, ice and water condensation, instead the cooling effect is all done inside the bottle. All you need to do is insert the long stick inside of your bottle of wine, and use it as you would a normal cork, but instead you now have your cooling device attached. It couldn’t be simpler. The design is elegant, and the ease of use is phenomenal. But of course the real question is, does it work? Here, the answer is easy to find, all you need is to measure the temperature of your wine. And that’s when you find out that Corkcicle really works, because after 15 or 45 minutes, your bottle is exactly the right temperature, as it should be.

It’s really a no brainer, when you can replace the hassle of using a bucket of ice, with everything that’s involved, or worse just leaving your bottle to be warmed up by the sun, with Corkcicle you simply insert it inside the bottle as you open it, and forget about it. Then, you can reuse it endlessly in every bottle you use. It couldn’t be simpler or cheaper, and you get the wine you deserve, with all of its taste intact.

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Watch the CORKCICLE video below. This really explains what it’s all about.

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