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  • February 29, 2012
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nPower PEG Review by

Visit the official nPower PEG web site: (Never lose battery power again. Generate energy while walking, running, or biking).

As electronic devices have improved over the years, like smartphones, GPS and more, there’s one area that remains behind, and that slows down adoption of all of these. That, or course, is the battery. In all the years we’ve been using electronics, the number one issue we’ve had is the use of batteries, and how quickly they run out of power. A typical smartphone now runs out of juice after just 4 to 6 hours. A laptop can’t hold a charge for more than 3. Even if all of our devices become more powerful, the battery remains the one area that hasn’t advanced much at all, so we’re stuck with bringing extra batteries, or always hunt down a power outlet. But now, you can power your cell phone, Mp3 player, and hand-held GPS while you’re on the go, thanks to the innovations behind the nPower PEG.

The nPower PEG is a unique product, a one of a kind. Unlike all the other extra batteries out there, which typically provide an hour or less extra juice, this little cylindrical device hosts more than just a battery. It has a break through technology that allows it to harness your own energy as you move around, and transfer it to the battery. Thanks to the internal components, the kinetic energy you produce as you walk, run, or simply move around, will be collected by this patented device, and converted into usable energy, stored in the internal battery. This means the battery will never run out of power as long as you keep moving, and your devices will keep being charged up. Just think about the potential, having a smartphone that lasts for days, or even weeks, while you trek through nature or around the country. It’s perfect for anyone who likes the great outdoors, or travels a lot. You no longer have to hunt down power outlets or bring several heavy batteries with you.

The way it works is fairly simple. Inside the cylindrical device, a large spring is magnetically active, and can collect the kinetic energy you produce as the tube moves around in your backpack or pocket. At just 9 inches long, it fits in almost any bag. There’s no unique charge either, the more you move, the faster it will charge your devices. Then, you simply use a USB cable that comes with it to charge any device you may carry with you. Created by the engineers at Tremont Electric, the nPower PEG is now available for around $150, and the device is compatible with over 3,000 gadgets. It’s your best bet to use with gadgets when you plan to go out to remote locations where power may not be available, and can be combined with other ways of generating sustainable energy like solar or wind. Even by itself, if you end up moving a lot, chances are you won’t need any other source of power, which can be useful.

Overall, it seems this is a great product idea, and the company has been featured on many startup sites like SmartCompany. It’s clearly designed by a small team who care about the environment and sustainability, and seems to be one of the most unique ways to generate power out there.

Visit the official nPower PEG web site:

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