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  • April 25, 2012
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Wavii Review by CashSherpa.com

Wavii is one of those startups we don’t hear about until it has started to gain momentum. Founded by ex-employees of Amazon and Microsoft, the media kept a close eye on this one, and now the service has been released in beta to the world. Basically, Wavii is a system not unlike Facebook, where people have feeds that they can follow. Except rather than following people, you can follow topics of interest, such as the latest celebrity gossip, tech news or political results. It’s an innovative concept from people who have a long history in the business, and made something that may become very popular.

Right now, Wavii is available both from their web site and a smartphone app. The way it works is fairly simple. Users go in and create feeds based on key topics. Then, the platform scours the web in search of news articles, blog entries, videos and any recent item of interest to this topic. They remove duplicates, and organize it all into an easy to follow feed. The similarities with Facebook’s timeline are striking, and even in their video they use that example to introduce Wavii, which is smart since most people know how the giant social network works. In fact, some pundits predict that this new startup may become an acquisition target just like Instagram recently was. While Facebook is mainly focused on friend updates, in this case, Wavii aims more at news and recent events.

According to the company, their service attempts to look at patterns while crawling the web, and surfaces the most useful news items it can find. They look at everything that’s going on and map it into story types. It even has the ability to detect users’ likes and interests based on their previous Facebook activity. Apparently, their system processes over a thousand articles every minute and can detect duplicate, and eliminate rumors from untrusted sources. Their algorithm is intelligent enough to surface the useful bits of information from the sea of data that comes out all the time through online sites. That’s what makes it so powerful, and why feeds are so valuables when you want to follow a particular topic at any given time. In some ways it’s not unlike Google attempting to rank the entire web, but here they focus on just relevant news.

It’s hard to say how much of a splash Wavii will make on the online world, and perhaps on Facebook and Twitter as a potential competitor, since the service has only been live for a few days now, but it’s certainly worth watching. The startup has the right minds and technology to make this into a very worthwhile product, and now it’s a matter of attracting users to this new way of gathering news.

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