Computers May Be Good For the Brain

  • May 7, 2012
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Computers May Be Good For the Brain

It may seem fairly obvious to say that doing some exercises is good for the body. But what about the brain? In many ways, the brain looks like a muscle as well, and can use some exercise, but what type? According to a recent study, it seems computer use can be good for the brain, and protect your memory, thanks to some interesting activities that goes on when you’re in front of that monitor screen. So let’s see some useful information that you should know in order to keep your brain active and your body in good health.

The study basically spoke of the useful activities that can stimulate your brain, and help keep it in good health. Studies about the brain are not new, and they have been conducted for many years now. Typically, the results always point at mental exercises as the best way to keep your brain in good condition. The idea is that the human brain is made of connections between each of its parts. As you work your brain, by doing maths, logic puzzles, or anything that make you think, more of these connections are made. So if your brain is filled with connections, everything works much better, your memory stays more vivid, and you run a lower risk of getting any of the aging related brain problems, like a loss of memory. If each cell in your brain that contains an important memory is linked by 3 or 4 connections instead of one, it’s easy to see that it’s going to last longer and be more solid. This is the basis for this latest study, and the results it showed were very similar.

Basically, when you sit in front of your computer, you always make use of your brain in some way. You’re reading text, using a complex software program, or trying to understand a problem that requires you to think. Just like doing logic puzzles in a book, being in front of your computer will help your brain in some ways. Of course, if you just watch a video or play a shooting game, maybe the benefit won’t be that great. But if you play an interactive puzzle game, do some programming, or learn a new software, then all these things are useful, because they make you use your brain, and in turn they create more connections. So even playing a game, something that may seem like pretty much a waste of time, may have some good side effects. This may not all be intuitive, but that’s what the study showed, and it’s in line with previous research which showed that it doesn’t matter what you do, the important thing is to make your brain work in some way.

Of course, that’s not a license to spend all your time in front of a computer. The rest of your body needs to work out also, and staying sitting doing nothing is not good for it. You need to stand up, move around, do some regular exercise. But if you can mix the two, sitting in front of a computer and going out for some fresh air, then it’s probably the best of both worlds.

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