Seattle Upstart iHear Network

  • May 8, 2012
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Seattle Upstart iHear Network

Seattle upstart iHear is launching an app. for Android similar to an iPhone app. called Snackr. If the web site is any indication of iHear’s quality they give Snackr (Apple’s version) 4 out of 5 stars.

iHear, run by CEO Paul Simons, takes your personal social network and turns it into a streaming audio news report. Think of Pandora for your social networks.

The iHear app. does appear to be even better. There are multiple voice options, some costing some money. Also, the app. pulls from both Facebook and Twitter.

The benefit of this app. is you can have your ear buds in while walking the dog for a walk and still hear your social updates. My question is do you really need to be that closely watching your social media feeds? Some people may find that a necessity, but I see it as more of a novelty.

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