GroSocial Utah Startup Makes Social Media Marketing Easy

  • June 11, 2012
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GroSocial Utah Startup Makes Social Media Marketing Easy

GroSocial is a startup headquartered in Utah and who develop social apps and plugins for small and medium businesses. They appeared recently when they received various rounds of funding to finance their innovative products, and released some very interesting updates to their three core apps. But what exactly is GroSocial? In a word, it’s a social company. The team behind Customizer, Bootcamp and Swap, the company’s three products, have built all three to be heavily centered around Facebook and social marketing, a niche that is quickly growing and becoming much bigger and more important in virtually all fields. Because every business owner wants to attract the lucrative social audience, they need tools to get their Facebook page to look as good as possible, and a marketing strategy that works. This is the type of problem that the company has decided to go after.

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So what exactly does GroSocial offer for those businesses? Bootcamp is a tool that allows businesses to learn everything they need to know about social marketing, and includes training sessions, education, and tutorials for the most beginners to get their feet wet. Swap is a way to swap status updates with co-workers or other social networkers, and works by increasing the engagement of your Facebook and Twitter followers and sending your updates to them directly, and in return they can send you content for you to post as well. It’s a way to market that isn’t unlike guest posting, but on social networks. The most successful product that the company produces however is Customizer, a drag and drop tool that businesses can use to customize and promote their Facebook pages. By using Customizer, anyone can have access to a breath of resources that the tool provides, and allows companies of any size to get a professional looking Facebook page, along with a comprehensive social marketing strategy.

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There are a lot of widgets available on Facebook to customize a fan page, but few are as easy to use and integrated as the 20 or so widgets offered by Customizer. These widgets work together to add forms, videos, social tools and more, allowing anyone to get a professional looking page. And while many solutions offers 5 or 10 fonts, Customizer has over 70. They also over deliver with background images, clipart, and so on. After customizing, this tool provides a lot of marketing options as well. With Customizer, any business owner can track their social presence with a large array of metrics, they can see what likes and shares are most successful, and can take marketing decisions based on real data, which is typically hard to come by if you only use Facebook’s tools. But the best part is how easy to use this tool is, with everything being drag and drop, and intuitive. The company boosts having been featured in a lot of news medias like the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider.

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It’s clear that GroSocial is going to keep building on their existing tools and add more features. Just recently they received another $1 million in financing from Kickstart Seed Fund and others, and this isn’t even their first round either. If your business is new to social marketing, or even if you think you personalized your Facebook presence as much as you can, it could be a good idea to check out what GroSocial has to offer.

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