Future Soldier Ubisoft Video Game Review, Why This Game is Crazy Good

  • July 31, 2012
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Future Soldier Ubisoft Video Game Review, Why This Game is Crazy Good

Future Soldier is a third-person shooter video games by Ubisoft, released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 22, and later on released on PC.

STORY – (Rating 7/10)

Taking place in Nigeria, Norway, Russia and Pakistan, the story of this game is pretty decent, but not any higher than that. A russian uprising is spreading across the globe, and Team “Ghost” are trying doing actions to make peace, using gadgets and advanced technology, like stealth, thermal vision and more. I cannot reveal anything more since if I do, you will be spoiled because the story is just like that, but trust me, you won’t be dissapointed by it. It’s a refreshing change from the previous Ghost Recon games since the timeline is more futuristic and more sci-fi-ish. The single-player has around 12 hours of playtime, which is a bit shorter than the average.

GAMEPLAY – (Rating 9/10)

Even at the very first start of the game you will feel like a badass because the gameplay is so gorgeous and when you mix quick movement shooting and tactical options. Having stealth gadgets, advanced armor, robot drones, may sound that the game is too easy when you are using these “powers”, but the answer is no, they do NOT make you immortal like they sound, because later on you will recover enemies that will have even more advanced gadgets than yours. Step 1, activate stealth mode. Step 2, stealth kill your enemy from behind. Step 3, feel like a boss! You will have that same feeling. Someone throws a smoke bomb? Activate thermal vision and blow their heads off. The game is so unique because there are not many tactical shooters like this because it’s not just run towards the checkpoint and shoot enemies on the way. The game also features a multiplayer mode, you can either fight against other players, or compete in a co-op campaign which is more awesome than the Single Player obviously. Believe me, you will not regret buying it and it’s certainly worth the money if you are interested in the gameplay.

GRAPHICS – (Rating 6/10)

It would seem that the graphic designers were a bit lazy on this game. The close-up action graphics look awesome, but the backgrounds of the maps are like being rushed and made quickly, just so that the game can be released earlier. Also you will be a bit disappointed by the facial expressions when the soldiers are making dialogues. The stealth mode makes the protagonist a bit…retarded, but that doesn’t mean that stealth sucks. It’s just..you are not feeling like you are stealthed at all…


This is a good refreshment from the previous Ghost Recon games, the release date fits perfectly for the game, for example if you tell a friend to guess which year was this game released, he will likely say 2012, or maybe 2013, because it’s definitely a next generation game.


I will give this game a rating of 8/10, but barely makes it to the 8 mark. It could’ve gotten better if the graphics weren’t rushed too early, not the close-up graphics, but the backgrounds and the facial expressions, since you will be seeing a lot of faces in this game. And the game could’ve been made a bit longer, but that is covered up by the Multiplayer co-op Campaign. Alternate Name for this game: BADASS!


Yes, you should!

Phil (CashSherpa.com Game Tester)

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