Buuteeq of Ballard Receives 10 Million Boost From Venture Capitalists

  • October 9, 2012
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Buuteeq of Ballard Receives 10 Million Boost From Venture Capitalists

The online marketing landscape is bound to change, especially for Buuteeq a company that whose sole purpose is to provide content management and marketing services for hotel websites worldwide. The company has been given an opportunity to expand through the entry of Madrona Venture Group and Concur Technologies into the online marketing world through a ten million funding given to them. These two investor companies are established in their own respective fields and are based in Seattle and Richmond respectively. Furthermore, the total funding for Buuteeq stands at seventeen million which gives it a competitive edge in the field of online marketing for hotels.

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Buuteeq which has been existence for a few years is a partnership between Forest Key, Brian Saab and Adam Brownstein who are its founders. The growth of the online marketing company has been phenomenal with a current client base of four thousand and an employee head count of forty five. Most of the profits of Buuteeq are derived from the fee that they charge monthly to their clients so that they are able to access tools to assist them in the creation of websites, SEO based content and an online-based booking engine. The clients that use the system set up by Buuteeq manage a wide range of hotels that customers can choose from, which can be a booking for a room at a Bed &Breakfast or an exclusive suite at a grand hotel in any part of the world.

The funding provided by these two venture capitalists allows Buuteeq to help their clients that are based around the world to market themselves on an online platform to guests either on mobile, social networks and other online platforms as well. To put the funding to good use, Buuteeq plans to expand to other international locations such as Europe and even Asia which will also see an increase in the number of employees as well. The employees of Buuteeq whether current or soon to be hired will have the sole objective of increasing the number of customers that use the system set up by the company. Furthermore, the CEO’s of the two companies that provided the funding are now part of the board of Buuteeq which was part of the investor agreement.

According to one of the founders of Buuteeq, the greatest beneficiaries of the extra funding are their clients who are now able to market themselves more effectively through the use of digital mediums. The system offered by the online marketing company help a variety of hotels that are enlisted under Buuteeq to be able to develop relationships with their guests which result in increased revenue. In addition, Buuteeq is also developing a niche in online advertising which is an added value that can be adopted by most of its clients whose main aim to increase their number of customers. Overall, the funding given to Buuteeq is a huge step in the right direction for the soon to be online marketing powerhouse.

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