A New & Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service

  • October 10, 2012
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What you need to know. is a business app that is designed to support small businesses as well as teams in their daily tasks in a way that propels their growth. The company which was previously known as Assistly changed its name after linking up with, a global based software company. is a completely new application that was developed from some aspects of the previous company but with a lot of integration of new digital mediums. The main objective of the company that birthed was to create an application that would bring about change in how customer service was delivered in the virtual world. has built on this platform by having a clearer vision on their overall goal have designed an application that is mobile, user friendly and social as well. The target market of the newly branded company is still small businesses except that the services on offer are now based on a completely new application. Clients that were familiar with the features of Assistly, the former company will have an easier time using the new application because it has been set up on a similar concept. However, there are some newer features that definitely set apart from its predecessor and are also an advantage to their customers as well.

The newer features from include a mobile app, upgraded agent desktop, accountability reporting and analysis as well as reporting module. The mobile application feature of the business app is the most popular of those offered by which is quite convenient for many agents as they can now connect with customers at any location. The application has been made available to agents who are on a full time basis at no charge and all they need is a smart phone that is able to support HTML5. Most of these smart phones include those that are android enabled, blackberry phones and the iPhones.


Furthermore, the agent desktop which is the command centre of the business app has been streamlined in such a way that it makes it much easier for agents to conduct their business without any hitches. The experience is much richer because the overall design has changed and it is much faster to use for agents. Service level reporting at has also been upgraded with the introduction of which is an expansion of to ensure transparency as well as accountability for the business application.

The ability to integrate social networks in the use of as part of the main features that they offer their clients as part of support sets them gives them an edge over other companies that offer similar services. The setting up of the business app in collaboration with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is quite simple yet very effective for most agents that have signed up on Ultimately, the application is becoming a “must have” for many small businesses that want to take their customer service to the next level.

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