Raw Headcam Footage of Felix Baumgartner’s Supersonic Jump

Raw Headcam Footage of Felix Baumgartner’s Supersonic Jump

Watch the raw head cam footage of Felix Baumgartner supersonic 128,00 feet fall to Earth. The most interesting piece of the video is Baumgartner out of control spinning.

See below for a direct quote from a press conference held yesterday regarding how Felix corrected the wild spinning.

“It started out really good because my exit was perfect, I did exactly what I was supposed to do… It looked like for a second I was going to tumble two more times and then get it under control, but for some reason that spin became so violent over all axis and it was hard to know how to get out of it, because, if you are trapped in a pressurized suit – normally as a skydiver you can feel the air and get direct feedback from the air — but here you are trapped in a suit that is pressurized at 3.5 PSI so you don’t know how to feel the air. It is like swimming without touching the water. And it’s hard because every when time it turns you around you have to figure out what to do. So I was sticking my arm out and it became worse and then I stuck arm out the other side and it became less, so I was fighting all the way down to regain control because I wanted to break the speed of sound. And I hit it. I don’t know how many seconds, but I could feel air was building up and then I hit it.”


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  1. Chris P Says:

    Awesome, really brave guy! A real mans stunt!!

  2. stewart alec Says:

    Thanks for sharing this article; I am really impressed from your writing, your way to explain things are inspirational.






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