Social Networking For Sports Lovers Made Possible Through Sidelines

Social Networking For Sports Lovers Made Possible Through Sidelines

Social networks have been increasing in popularity in the recent years with many of them targeting a specific group of people who they feel would be interested in their type of service. Sidelines is one such network that  targets  sports lovers or fans and gives them an opportunity to interact with each other through the sharing of articles, videos ,opinions, and even photos that are related to various sports activities. This revolutionary social network was founded by Arka Ray, Marios Assiotis and Vinay Kuruvila who faced a variety of challenges while setting it up but managed to overcome them and succeed. These three have been an inspiration to foreign investors in the United States who are interested in establishing companies or creating jobs in the country.

Sidelines is an idea based on an already existing network of friends in the real world that sports fans already shares information with on a regular basis. The network of fans may be those who are interested in a particular sports team or player and they follow them religiously while sharing their opinions through social networks and e-mails as well. Therefore, Sidelines brings these sports fans into a world whether they can connect with a broader community through an online platform that has been designed specifically for them. Furthermore, the sports oriented social network is similar to the various networks such as Pinterest, Instagram that are targeted towards particular interests such as fashion and photos among others.

As a marketing strategy, founders of Sidelines decided to offer their services through a website rather than the popular mobile option that is being used by many worldwide. The decision to launch through the website at the initial stages has proved to be beneficial to the management of Sidelines as well as the sports fans on the social network as well.  For Sidelines they do not need their application approved by the various application stores that are available on various mobile phones and no updates are needed, thus giving them an opportunity to make changes much faster. However, there are plans underway to launch a mobile application of Sidelines that will be available on most smart phones.

Sidelines, is focused on getting the view on the sports fan rather than the experts or commentators that usually give their opinions on various sports related events around the world. The discussions range from the latest news to the any other information that fans feel they should share, similar to what they would have had in a physical setting. Most times the information shared in various forms sparks off a debate that keeps them engaged while revealing their emotions and passions in regard to their favorite teams as well as players.

Overall, Sidelines is a concept that has made the interaction of sports fans much more enriching irrespective of their different interests. It is bound to join and even surpass the various social networks that target particular groups and give their members an opportunity to enjoy a social community that is vibrant.

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  1. jaycen len Says:

    Totally agree with you here, sports lover got a better deal in sidelines where they got to know various acute details of sport. It’s also a way to express our independent thoughts for supporting teams; Thanks for sharing, I will mark my reviews for it, as a sport lover.






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