First Video of the Microsoft Surface in Action

First Video of the Microsoft Surface in Action

What do you think of the Microsoft Surface after watching this video? I for one am a huge believer in what the Surface is promissing.

Price of the Surface:

– 32 GB model will start at $499

– 32 GB with Black Touch Cover $599

–  64 GB with Black Touch Cover $699


The pricing is right in line with the Apple iPad. Some people say that the Microsoft Surface is too expensive, but I feel to build hype price = scarcity. Scarcity like in the fashion world makes the product more unique and special. I just finished an article about J. Crew CEO and former Gap chief Mickey Drexler speaking at a Makers of American Fashion event stating that the world has become ‘Homogenized.’

Drexler goes on to say that, “The same goods and the same brands are all over the place — nothing’s all that special anymore.”

“Today, there’s no aspiration because every high school kid has it.”

Unlike the Amazing Kindle Fire $199 or the rumored $99 Android Tablet there is something about a sought after item with a high price tag that carries mystique. Mostly because only a few can afford it and those that can are envied.

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  1. Will henry Says:

    I also agreed with you here, if something is coming from Microsoft the one thing is for sure that they are providing what others are lacking. Cost seems a little high but if you are a tech lover then its worth buying one for long term. Thanks for sharing useful information.






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