Tech Company Perks That Will Make You Jealous

Tech Company Perks That Will Make You Jealous

Is your dream job working for Facebook or Google? You’re not alone. It turns out that tech companies—established giants and start-ups alike—provide the best perks in the industry. From three free meals a day and unlimited sick leaves to island vacations and jazz bands at lunch hour, tech companies are willing to spend money to keep their employees happy. After all, companies don’t want exhausted engineers running a website or software that majority of the world uses. And if they want to hire (and keep) only the best talents, they better bring more than free dental to the table. It’s challenging to provide a sense of work-life balance that works for everybody when the economy is just starting to bounce back, but many tech companies and startups seem to be getting it right.

Beautiful Offices

One thing all tech companies have in common is beautiful, expansive spaces—inside and out. They spend millions of dollars to build spaces that people will not only want to work in, but also live in. Interior design is also top priority; just take a look at Etsy’s funky offices decorated by Etsy artists and YouTube’s on-site tiki bar, rock-climbing wall and enormous red slide. Getaround’s office is another that looks anything but traditional, thanks to “standing desks” (modular desks that you can sit or stand behind) that let you work, well, standing up.

Custom Computers

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is the man behind Asana, the web and mobile app. Nearly all companies provide computers for work use, but Asana ups the ante by giving employees $10,000 to spend on their own dream setup. Dropbox offers a similar perk: employees get to build customized machines.

Random Holidays

The company behind Farmville, Mafia Wars, CityVille and other social networking games that are now engraved on the public consciousness is also sensitive to the issue of work-life balance. Christmas too far away? Don’t worry. Zynga gives employees “Zyngolidays,” holidays randomly picked by CEO Mark Pincus and Zynga executive staff.

Free Grub

Google, Twitter, Facebook and more recently Yahoo give their employees free meals at many on-site cafeterias. Zynga’s San Francisco HQ gives lucky employees free Blue Bottle coffee, perfect for javaholics who drink only the best. Meanwhile, Asana has a chef who whips up meals based on each employee’s dietary preferences.

Games and Rec

Most companies have yearly outings, whether to a local dig or Disney World. Tech companies like to keep their geeks happy and entertained with old school arcade games (Kixeye), modern entertainment systems (IBM), summer picnic on an exclusive island (Bloomberg) or an intense round of laser tag (Dropbox).

Free Transportation

You can’t go to work or go home if you can’t get a ride. Tech companies solve this problem by giving you access to free transportation, whether it’s a free cab ride after hours (Square, Tumblr and Bloomberg), $100 monthly car credit (StumbleUpon) or unlimited car service (Uber).

Yoga and Fitness Centers

LinkedIn and Twitter have their on-site yoga studios when you feel like taking a break from pumping out code and solving tough problems. LinkedIn and Google also have gyms at the office so you can work out and be healthy. If you’re more of the spa type, consider working at Eventbrite. The online ticket registration company offers weekly acupuncture and massages to employees.

Unlimited Sick and Vacation Days

No more making up excuses when you just want to take a breather from your demanding job. Employees get unlimited vacation and sick days from companies like ModCloth, Evernote, Foursquare and Thrillist. Thrillist also gives employees a day off on their birthday, while Evernote gives its staff $1,000 for vacation.

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