Megan Fox Talks to Dolphins in German? (VIDEO)

Megan Fox Talks to Dolphins in German?

There is a US version of this new Acer commercial, but seeing Megan Fox talk to dolphins in German makes it that much funnier. Megan Fox uses the Intel powered Acer computer to find a way to communicate with Dolphins. Who do you like more? The dolphins or Megan, please comment?


– Ad created in London

– Ad directed by Stink’s Ivan Zacharias. At 19 Zacharias enrolled in Prague’s film academy FAMU hoping to become a cinematographer and documentary filmmaker. With over 90 awards Zacharias is one of the most decorated commercial directors in the world.

Megan Fox Acer German Verison (VIDEO):

Megan Fox Acer US Verison (VIDEO):

One Response

  1. Violeta Says:

    It’s really an honor to see this beautiful lady talking to dolphins, how anyone can resist talking a beauty like her. Even dolphins get amuse from her presence and starting talking.






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