Generate Traffic to Your WordPress Site with Pinsomo

Generate Traffic to Your WordPress Site with Pinsomo

Owning a blog of your own, I am sure that you have gone through a lot of lectures and strategies that speak of how you can keep your website at the first page of a search engine when the topic is related to your area of expertise.  Also, since you need the traffic, I wouldn’t even be surprised if you had gone ahead and purchased a service that guarantees that exact thing, along with a bunch of reports and graphs that would show how fruitful your purchase was.

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Introducing Pinterest and Pinsomo: Advertising Through Social Networking

Before being fully dependent on the service though, know also that there is one more item that you can use on the internet that can divert a lot of traffic to your site: social networking.  Pinterest is one of the strongest social networking sites today, and more and more people use it daily due to the way it is made.  It is very much like a digital corkboard, where every person can pin whatever they like for the whole world to see.  Once “pinned” on the digital board, other users can then look at it, comment, like, or re-pin the add on their personal board so that their friends can also see it, know about it, and go to the source of the post.

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This is what makes the Pinsomo theme so successful.  With its ability to integrate with any WordPress blog and change the whole format in order to make it look like Pinterest, this theme will allow your whole blog to be “Pin-able”, and let users share your site to others.  And since all these actions can also be logged on to Facebook and Twitter, you automatically get word-of-mouth advertising from those interested in what you have to offer, and this gets transmitted through multiple social networks.

Making the Most out of Pinsomo

Now we can’t just say that this is fully effective, slap the format onto your site and then leave as you watch the traffic grow.  It is true that traffic will grow, but to maximize the performance, and to make sure that you adjust to the dynamics of the social networking world, you will need to monitor the performance of the traffic that you get, and not just by counting the number of people who look through the website.  Here are a few things that have been added to the program that already come with the purchase:

1)      Facebook Insights – It is a given that your sight, even if its main format is Pinsomo, will get to Facebook in one way or another.  Facebook will then log all information about your site and its performance, such as how many have posted it, the location of the person, and other items that will give you insight into the audience that you have.  Then you can adjust your content to fit the demographic you are targeting.

2)      Google Authorship Markup – Google is looking for different ways to make its search results more relevant for users, and not just from an SEO standpoint.  With Google Authorship Markup (that comes with Pinsomo), your content is also linked to your Google+ account.  Once people see you as a good source of information, and that is reflected in the interaction through your website and your account, this will be integrated into your site’s information and allow it to climb up the ranks of search results.

These are just some of the few benefits that you can get when converting the theme of your WordPress site to the Pinsomo theme.  You get support for your site with the help of Pinterest, you get advertising through social networking, and ultimately you get access to information to help you improve your site’s performance.  With all the benefits involved, you shouldn’t even hesitate to try it out to have it prove that it will work for you.

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