Top 10 Toys For the 2012 Holiday Season: Here’s What You Need to Know

Top 10 Toys For the 2012 Holiday Season: Here’s What You Need to Know

Toys are one of the favorite gift items that most adults will get for kids this holiday season, if past trends are anything to go by. Most of the major toy stores have already released their 2012 lists for the season with some of them toys becoming popular among kids and adults as well. These toys make it to the list because of the features they offer and their uniqueness as well. Some of the top ten toys that are likely to be bought this holiday season include:

Leap Pad 2 – Tablets are as popular with adults as well as kids especially when it is a Leap Pad 2 that is made to meet the needs of kids. It is quite popular with kids of different ages and has unique features such as a faster processor, larger memory and a long lasting battery.

Lego Monster Hunter – Variety is one of the features that this toy offers kids as they are a mixture that is scary as well as fun. The toys are available in sets that include the Orc Forge, Lord of the Rings, The Mines of Moria among others.

Nintendo Wii U – This console is rated as one of the highly anticipated toys this season because of its unique features. It has two screens which are sensitive to touch, can be used as a TV remote control, streams online content apart from being used to play games.

Furby – Totally redesigned, Furby is now available in a variety of colors and has softer fur as well. It also has internal sensors that makes it more responsive and can also use downloadable features when connected to an iPad or iPhone.

DigiTools 3D Pack – This toy from Crayola is meant to enhance the creativity of kids by allowing them to create art on an iPad that look real. The pack even has 3D glasses which makes the drawing even more exciting and involving for the kid.

Micro Chargers Time Track – This is the best choice for kids that love racing as they are able to load cars on the lane and charge them in a few seconds before launching them to race against opponents. They can also enjoy setting up the tracks for themselves that they can compete on.

Barbie Photo Fashion doll – A favorite for girls, this Barbie doll is able to take photos and put up an exhibition on her shirt.  The photos can be customized using the frames that have been made available and later uploaded onto a computer by using a USB disk attached to her belt.

Lego Friends – Lego breaks away from its usual type of building blocks to make a toy for girls. Its main features are female dolls and a playhouse that has pink trimmings that are part of the play sets among others.

SpiderMan web shooter – Ideal for kids that love SpiderMan the movie, or any other types of memorabilia related to the superhero. The action figure is able to shoot spiders from its wrists similar to the real SpiderMan.

Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister – A great toy for the outdoors and can move in most directions whether to the back, front and even sideways. Its treads which are shaped as corkscrews can be used on a variety of terrains such as grass, sand, water, snow among others.

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  1. jamie boraus Says:

    I bet toy industry doing good after all this competition, everyone is trying to impress the audience and increasing their bank balance. My friend who work in a toy industry, so he told me most of the things about how they made these beautiful toys to attract kid’s attention.






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