Walmart Black Friday Pandemonium: Video

Walmart Black Friday Pandemonium: Video

See below for video of some of the Black Friday Walmart chaos highlights. A wise man once told me that individuals are smart, but groups of people are generally dumb. I think this is especially true on Black Friday. I made a pack with myself a few years ago after visiting a Walmart at 5:00 AM to never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever shop on Black Friday again. You are seduced by the commercials and general media hype only to find Black Friday is nothing like you were promised. If hell had a hell that would be what Black Friday is.

Things against Black Friday shopping coming from the horses mouth:

– You are tired

– You can’t find parking so you end up parking 3 miles away in a dimly light gas station parking lot

– You got up early, but not early enough to get the best Walmart deals. The best deals sell out in 5 min.

– You realize that you aren’t a shopper you are grass eating cattle

– You realize that Black Friday is more of a shakedown for cash then a day that actually has deals. The “deals” in all truthfulness come after Christmas. It’s all about clearance, not one-off Black Friday deals.

– The lines stretch to the back of the store. You’re going to be waiting for at least 1/2 hour

– You think to yourself, “Why do Walmart cashiers check out customers so slowly?”

– To combat the tiredness you are feeling you think to yourself, “Why don’t I grab a coffee at Starbucks.” You being a original thinker realize 300 people had that same idea. If you want your coffee your going to have to wait another 1/2 hour in line.

Take it from me, a Black Friday veteran, don’t shop on Black Friday ever, ever, ever… With one exception! If you are one of those individuals that enjoy your experience at the DMV then Black Friday may be a perfect shopping day for you. All others stay away.

Don’t believe me? Watch the heard attempt to “shop” at Walmart

It’s Friday, it’s Friday… Black Friday

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  1. jimie lambardo Says:

    I must say that Wal-Mart fans enjoy annoying them therefore making wrong entrance to get in. I bet Wal-Mart is enjoying this with the same mood and fulfilling customers need; our local city is about to get a new Wal-Mart store, opening quite soon.






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