NASA Opportunity Rover Finds ‘Newberries’ with Clay?

NASA Opportunity Rover Finds ‘Newberries’ with Clay?

Remember the 2004 Opportunity Rover? The NASA rover that was supposed to only last 3 months. Well it’s still around and it discovered something called ‘Newberries’ (See below) that may contain clay.

Here’s what you need to know:

– The martian rover made the discovery on the western edge of the Endeavour crater.

– NASA is investigating two sites at Matijevic Hil, “Whitewater Lake” and “Kirkwood.” Whitewater Lake is a light material that may contain clay. Kirkwood contains small spheres. Steve Squyres the mission’s principal investigator at Cornell University calls the spheres “Newberries.”

– Clay is exciting on Mars because it indicates water with with neutral acidity. This combination looks good for possible life.

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  1. jenny IME Says:

    I am really fascinated about mars discovery and research, think about for one minute what if gets success in finding lives on Mars Planet. NASA really putting their hand on a heat to get ahead.






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