Citrix Startup Accelerator Continues to Back Startup Companies

Citrix Startup Accelerator Continues to Back Startup Companies

As Citrix Start Up Accelerator celebrated its anniversary marking two years in business many budding entrepreneurs in the stage of setting up their business, were waiting to hear its next step in regards to investing in startups. It was therefore, great relief when the company’s chief technologist made a commitment on their continuous support of business startups in the coming year. The announcement was made at a party at the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Citrix Startup Accelerator

Citrix Start Up Accelerator can be defined simply as a software company with a global feel whose main objective is to place investment in infrastructure startups as well as enterprises in their early stages. The success of the company largely depends on innovation practices that are world class in nature which are forwarded to entrepreneurs worldwide in a bid to understand as well as influence the industry’s future. The types of businesses that Citrix Start Up Accelerator invests in are those that have products that target businesses instead of consumers. Citrix creates bridges for these young businesses by connecting the initial seed and the series rounds, while offering help on problems that are specific to help them approach customers or even build a sales channel.

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Even as Citrix backs up startups by investing in them, they do so using investment themes such as enterprise mobility, collaboration technologies and cloud services among others. Some of the products that Citrix have on offer include NetScaler for SDN, cloud gateway, cloud platform, Xen desktop among others. One of the products by Citrix that has stood out from their products is the GoToMeeting which is in the category of collaboration technologies. The product is a service hosted on the web that is based on software used for video, remote meeting and desktop sharing which allows users to connect with a variety of people including clients, colleagues among others. Innovative technology is another area in which Citrix invests, irrespective of the technology used which may be that of Citrix tech or another.

To sweeten the offer given to entrepreneurs, an office as well as the acceleration of the business through customer development is part of the package offered by Citrix to entrepreneurs in startups.  Since its establishment in December 2010, Citrix has managed to invest in sixteen companies as well as three exists. There are many ideas that have been funded by Citrix so far, with most of them recording positive results in their businesses.

In addition, the money provided to startups by Citrix range from fifty thousand dollars to over two hundred thousand dollars depending on the needs of the business as well as well as other factors. Most times the money from Citrix is more than a startup needs at the initial stages but they use them wisely to be able to sustain the company for a longer time period.  Lastly, Citrix also seeks to partner with other companies in the investing of their resources into a particular startup as compared to doing it alone.

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