Sales Genie Review by

Sales Genie Review by

Salespeople know that it can be time-consuming and difficult (sometimes even impossible) to get sales leads using traditional methods. So when a website offers an auto-sales lead generation service, it’s hard to pass up. gives marketers a break by doing the research, locating prospective clients so you can focus on netting the customer or polishing up your sales technique. But Sales Genie doesn’t stop at searching—it helps you create email and regular mail campaigns once you’ve landed a client.

Sales Genie also has an Android app that is a streamlined version of its subscription service. It covers the basics, letting you locate detailed profiles of U.S. businesses and clients, creating follow-ups and tweaking your prospect notes while you’re on the go. Find new prospects near you with the “Near Me” button that shows results based on your current location. If you don’t have Google maps or can’t use it for some reason, Sales Genie has a built-in map feature that provides driving directions. The app is free, but you need an active Sales Genie subscription.

Sales Genie Features

Find new customers, clients and businesses in the United States
Customer profiling
Reverse search
In-depth profiles (more than 100 search criteria)
Comprehensive database
Sales and marketing list creation
Email and standard mail marketing
Campaign builder


As of January 2013, Sales Genie has three plans: Local, Regional and National. The basic subscription is not exactly cheap at $75 per month, but it’s worth it if you spend a lot of time looking for prospects. The National package is ideal for bigger companies who want to look for prospects in the entire U.S. Sales Genie also offers a free 3-day trial with full access to the basic plan.

Local Package ($75/mo)

You get one database for business, new business, consumer and new movers, access to one city area, 500 exports per month and unlimited searches/views.

Regional Package ($150/mo)

Regional includes one database for business, new business, consumer and new movers, access to two states, 1000 exports per month and unlimited searches/views.

National Package ($300/mo)

The most expensive plan includes one database for business, new business, consumer and new movers, access to the entire United States, 2000 exports per month and unlimited searches/views.


Sales Genie has a free trial for those who want to test the waters. For three days, you get full access to paid features with 100 free sales leads, and you don’t even need a credit card to sign up. The number of free leads is pretty limited, but it’s not hard to convert prospects to clients if you have a solid sales technique. Using Sales Genie is straightforward—select a lead based on certain criteria and wait for the results to show up. The report includes company location, contact information, job titles and even company credit rating.

The lead selection criteria are pretty impressive, but the size and quality of Sales Genie’s database are what I like best. You get nary a wrong number out of hundreds of leads, and the information is well organized. On the downside, some customers are complaining about occasional slowness on the Sales Genie website, password/login problems and being locked in to the annual contract. Make sure to sign up for the free trial first and read the fine print before paying for anything.


Easy to use

Large and high-quality database

Detailed and in-depth results

Email and regular mail marketing help

Sales Genie app



Some customers report slowness on

Locked into annual contract


Sales Genie’s hefty price tag and annual contract may put off some people, but it’s worth the investment if you spend most of your time looking for prospects and making sales calls. It’s a serious marketing tool with a high-quality database and well-organized profiles.

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  1. simone poni Says:

    I think you are right here. I am in the need of prospect for my clients needs, I think I can take their services; Let me just say that, I am insurance sector since 4 years and I am out of leads so may be sales genie can help me to find good leads.






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