BigCommerce Updated 2013 Review by

BigCommerce Updated 2013 Review by

Started in 2009, BigCommerce has become one of the popular eCommerce platforms available online today. It offers plenty of built-in features that allow you to get your online business up and running in no time.

Features of BigCommerce:

Your website is secured – With BigCommerce, your eCommerce website is hosted remotely, on their high performance SAS 70 Type II certified servers. These servers are located in BigCommerce’s secured data center, which employs security measures such as firewalls and network redundancy to prevent hacker attacks. Furthermore, your whole website, including your orders, products, photos and customer record, is back up automatically multiple times a day.

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Software is updated automatically – Since your website is hosted by BigCommerce, you don’t have to worry about keeping your software up-to-date. BigCommerce does it for you. Whenever a new feature comes out, your software is automatically updated.

Flexible Design – BigCommerce offers over 50 professionally designed, built-in store templates. None of these designs captures your fancy? No problem! BigCommerce lets you design your own website using the built-in WYSIWYG editor. You can also upload or create a logo for your website.

Use your own domain name – If you already have your own domain name, BigCommerce allows you to set up your eCommerce website using your own domain. You can even use a subdomain so that your eCommerce site is integrated into your existing website.

PCI compliant – BigCommerce is a PCI-compliant provider, which means that it meets all the requirements designed to ensure companies that process/store/transmit credit card information are doing so in a secure environment.  When you set up your online store with BigCommerce, your store is automatically PCI compliant.

Abandoned cart saver – Sometimes your customers add products to their shopping carts but never complete their orders. When this happens, BigCommerce’s abandoned cart saver, available to Gold/Platinum/Diamond users, sends a series of customizable emails to these potential customers to change their mind. You can even send them coupon code to further encourage them to complete their orders. According to statistics provided by BigCommerce, with the help of the abandoned cart saver, up to 15% of abandoned carts are saved!

Advanced SEO tools – The SEO experts at BigCommerce take care of all your SEO needs. You have access to all the pro-level SEO features that make it easy for you to build SEO-friendly websites. BigCommerce also automatically feeds your XML sitemap to Google so that your pages get indexed.

Unlimited options for your products – You can set up as many options as you like for your products. You can have different sizes, colors, shapes, etc. Each product option is treated as an individual product, which means that you can set up different SKUs and prices for these options. By doing this,you can easily keep track of the stock level, sales and profit of each product option.

BigCommerce: The easiest way to sell online!

Other features of BigCommerce include:

– Integrate your products with other online shopping sites such as Pricegrabber, Shopzilla, Yahoo Shopping, etc.

– Files are distributed to BigCommerce’s content delivery network, which means that they reside on servers all over the world. This decreases page load times for your customers, wherever they are.

– SSL support

– Fulltime site monitoring

Pricing of BigCommerce:

There are 5 levels of pricing available at BigCommerce.

– Bronze: For $24.95/month, you have 200MB of storage and can sell up to 100 products at your store.

– Silver: For $39.95/month, you have 300MB of storage and can sell up to 500 products at your store.

– Gold: For $79.95/month, you have 500MB of storage and can sell up to 1,000 products at your store.

– Platinum: For $149.95/month, you have 1GB of storage and can sell unlimited products at your store.

– Diamond: For $299.95/month, you have unlimited storage and can sell unlimited products.

You get 10% off if you pay yearly.

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  1. James cameron Says:

    I am big buyer from online store as they give pretty good discount and service delivery; so I don’t have to visit malls for daily needs. I am happily to say that bigcommerce has changed a lot in the marketing world like it becoming smaller. By the way, thanks for the reviews, mine count too.






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