Chelyabinsk Meteor Creates Bigger Reactions Than Expected

Chelyabinsk Meteor Creates Bigger Reactions Than Expected

February 15, Friday, was when a meteor flew over Russia and exploded over the Ural mountains, announcing itself by a flash of light which was quickly followed by a shock wave that broke windows and other glass items in the city of Chelyabinsk and hurt over 1,000 residents of the same city.  It also left a gaping hole in the frozen Chebarkul lake, and this has lead scientists to believe that a rock about 2 feet in diameter could be somewhere in the water.  Efforts to find the huge item have come up empty so far.

This particular event has prompted action from different people.  Collectors from around the world are now actively searching for people who were in the area and could have gotten pieces of the said space rock.  Suppliers have also popped up, saying that they have rock fragments and are willing to sell, with some going over ten thousand dollars apiece.  Authorities are actively cautioning online buyers though, saying that there is no guarantee that anyone can make to make sure that the rock purchased is not fake.

Scientists have gone up to the Ural Mountains in order to investigate the site where most of the meteorites could have fallen, and have turned up around fifty fragments of the space rock.  Studies have shown that it is 10% iron, and the rest of the composition is similar to other meteorites that have survived entry into earth’s atmosphere in the past.  With the fireball that was witnessed during the fall of the meteor though, some scientists believe that larger pieces may be out there waiting to be found.

Damage to the nearby city has been estimated to be over 30 million dollars, and the local government is hoping that half of the amount would be handled by the federal government in order to rehabilitate the area.  The city is an industrial city with a number of factories in its place, and it would be to everyone’s advantage if life in the area would go back to normal as soon as possible.

A lot of concern has been expressed by several governments, especially since estimates place the energy release of the event as 30 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.  People are relieved that none have been reported dead from the event, but what if a similar event happens in a widely populated area?  The death toll could be too great to imagine.

Some governments have stated that they are putting funding into early warning systems for occurrences of this nature.  Some scoff at the idea though due to the amount that is suggested.  An institution that is based in Moscow has suggested a 10 year program that would cost the country almost 2 billion dollars, and critics say that this amount would just allow for more corruption in the government, and that fixing the infrastructure in the country would be of a greater help to the people as compared to such an expensive device.

The European Space Agency spokesperson has announced that experts around Europe as well as Russia and the United States have been talking about ways to identify potential threats and avert them once found.  No definite announcements have been made regarding a master plan.

This event could be a wake up call for most, if not all people.  The possibility of an object from space just crashing down on the world has become real, and it can happen to any country at any time.  This is a problem that not individual countries will have to address.  A united world has to come up with the solution to make sure that each human is safe on the planet.

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  1. Stoner vera Says:

    I am really shocked to read this; I didn’t even imagine that large meteor damage on the city people. I am furious as these things are not normal and people using rocks for earning money. Govt. must do something to bring people in peace and honest.






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