DrasticDeals.com – Best Coupon Search Tool? Read the Review

  • March 7, 2013
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DrasticDeals.com – Best Coupon Search Tool? Read the Review

In the past, people believed that coupons were for low income shoppers only. Surveys suggested that this was not the case. Everyone loves a good deal and shoppers from all income levels use coupons when available.

There are many ways of finding coupons and one of these is using the Internet. Online coupons are similar to the paper coupons that you find in your Sunday newspapers. However, instead of cutting them out and handing them over to the cashier at the checkout counter, you simply key in a coupon code when you checkout your purchases online.

With the help of the Internet, you can find good deals and coupons right at your fingertips, as long as you know where to look. DrasticDeals.com is a good place to look. DrasticDeals.com is a portal where users can type in the name of the store they want to shop at and search through the reliable sources on the Internet for thousands of coupon codes.

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Twitter Coupons – One of the sources from which DrasticDeals.com searches for deals and coupons is Twitter. With the increased popularity of social media, a lot of stores, whether online or brick-and-mortar, started their own social media campaigns. They encourage their customers to connect with them on these social media platforms. Twitter, a social media platform that allows users to send and receive short 140-character messages, is one of the most popular channels that these stores turn to when they want to make short and quick announcements, such as special deals and discounts. When a user puts in a store name in the search box on DrasticDeals.com, the website searches the Twitter feeds out there and return those that contain the name of the store. These results often contain some very good deals.

Facebook Share – Facebook is another popular social media platform out there. DrasticDeals.com’s Facebook Share feature allows users to share deals that they found on the website with their friends and families. With a click of a button, users can instantly share their finds on Facebook.
Submit Coupons – Another way for users to share deals with people who are not their friends on Facebook is through the Submit Coupons feature on DrasticDeals.com. To submit a coupon to the website, users put in the store name, a title or description for the deal, the discount code, the URL of the store, a verification code to verify that the information is in fact entered by human, and click Add Coupon.

Top 50 Coupons – The Top 50 Coupons feature on DrasticDeals.com returns a list of the top 50 coupon codes and discounted deals used and rated by users, sorted by their ratings. For shoppers, especially gift shoppers, who don’t have a specific store in mind where they want to shop at or who don’t know what to buy, this Top 50 Coupons list is a good place for them to get some ideas.

Top 50 Merchants – Similar to the Top 50 Coupons list, the Top 50 Merchants list returns the list of top 50 merchants who offer the best deals on the Internet.

Even though DrasticDeals.com is a newcomer to the online coupon space, it is a rising star. The development team is working hard to improve the website and will be adding a lot more useful features in the future.

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