Move Over Google Glasses Epiphany Eyewear is Already Here

Move Over Google Glasses Epiphany Eyewear is Already Here

Vergence Labs, founded in 2011 by Erick Miller and Jon Rodriguez, announces that it is working on its Epiphany Eyewear – fully functional computers in glasses.  Even though the idea may sound very similar to that of the Google Glass, Erick Miller told the media that he actually came up with the “smart glasses” idea before Google announced the Google Glass.

Designed by master designer David Meisenholder, these thick-framed smart glasses have a modern and chic look.  Each pair of these well-designed Epiphany glasses has a built-in computer and a high-definition video camera that allows you to take photos or record videos.  The built-in high-definition camera employs advanced optics technology to provide a wide-angle field of view.  This means that you can record what you see, as you see it.  People who watch your recorded videos later will feel as if they were there.

Epiphany Eyewear

Epiphany Eyewear

Epiphany smart glasses are built using plastic titanium, an advanced nylon material that is lightweight, soft and strong.  This material is very durable even under extreme conditions, such as high temperature.  The spring-loaded hinges of the frames make them suitable for any face shapes and sizes.  For people who wear prescription glasses, these smart glasses have a lens fitting groove on the inside that allows optometrists to install prescription lenses.

Features of the Epiphany smart glasses can be accessed easily.  With a slight push of a button on the frame, you can activate the tinting feature and turn your eyeglasses into sunglasses.  To record a video, simply press the button on the right to turn on the built-in computer.  Once the computer is on, a tiny blinking blue light will appear in the your peripheral vision.  Press the button again to stop recording and turn off the computer.  Despite its compact design, the Epiphany Eyewear can store up to 32GB of content.

To make sharing your videos easier, Vergence Labs has developed its own social media platform called YouGen.TV.  By connecting your Epiphany smart glasses to your computer or Epiphany qualified phone or tablet, you can view and share your videos on YouGen.TV.  The YouGen.TV app also allows you to stream your point of view video live on your Facebook wall.  Your friends can see what you see without being there.  How cool is that?  Furthermore, with the help of other apps, you can spice up your videos.  For example, the YouGen Editor lets you edit your clips while the YouGen+Soundcloud app lets you add soundtracks to them.

According to Erick Miller, the main objective of creating Epiphany Eyewear is to let people capture precious moments as they happen. He hopes that one day these smart glasses could enhance people’s ability to remember things and help people with memory issues to capture their memories easily.

Epiphany emphasizes on design and feel, and blends perfectly with your personal style.  The Epiphany smart glasses will be available in three configurations: 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.  They will be priced at $299, $399 and $499 respectively.  You can pre-order these glasses on the Epiphany Eyewear website.

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    Wow, that seems Google glasses got some competition in smart glasses; I pretty much impressed with the cool look and technology modification than Google glasses providing. It’s worth to give a try for better prospects. Thanks for sharing such useful information.






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