South Australian Google Street View Sex: Photos

South Australian Sex On Google Street View: Photos

You knew the day was coming where Google Street View would capture something scandalous. According to Google Street View the sexual act occurred on the side of Dukes Highway in South Australia. The couple seen is balancing on the hood of a BMW while Google Street View captures their indiscretion. Is this is hoax or did the couple actually get it on for real?

Picture #1 Google Driving By Frisky Couple

Google Street View 1

Picture #2 (After Stopping For a Moment jk) Google Driving Away From Frisky Couple

Google Street View 2

Lets hope they washed the BMW’s hood afterwards.

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  1. Albert thomas Says:

    I just love this internet world especially Google technologies; it gives me a lot of wonderful and interesting information. I like how they capture the images of this couple infidelity. I must add this in my FB account, thanks for sharing this.






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