REVIEW: Laplink Software DiskImage

Review On Laplink Software DiskImage

It has been quite a while since computers were introduced into the market, and since then the information stored on these pieces of technology have ranged from utterly useless to extremely valuable.  No matter the value though, people have always been looking for ways to protect their data and keep it intact.  For the past years, people have been looking to laplink and their ever adapting and reliable product, DiskImage. This is a product I use and it’s a tool one can use to make the recovery process a whole lot easier.

DiskImage is a backup system that guarantees the complete storage of your information, not by backing up each file bit by bit and leaving it in a cloud storage somewhere, but by taking a useable snapshot of your hard drive.  This snapshot can then be replicated on any other disk to make it useable again.  Whether it be due to a hard drive failure or a malware attack, you will be able to retrieve your files without having to go back to the original disk.


Easy to Use – If Windows comes with a wizard, so does this one.  DiskImage will just ask you for specifics regarding the backup that you want to do, and then do the job for you.  You won’t have to hold a dictionary while trying to make sense of the questions that the program will ask of you.

Advanced Burning – As long as you have the hardware to burn, DiskImage will burn the disc for you in whichever output you prefer.

Hardware Independent – Backup systems usually have compatibility issues, but this does not happen with DiskImage.  Since the snapshot can be made useable when “printed” onto another hard drive, it does not matter which hard drive it goes into.  It it’s the main drive that you uploaded, you will be able to boot your computer with the startup from the snapshot, and then work from there.  If it is a separate drive that you backed up, you will still be able to read it as a separate drive once it is installed in the system.

Automated Imaging – one of the questions that we would be asking ourselves when it comes to backing up our system is “when is the best time to backup my files?”  This is backup usually means that you will be going through a long process and discarding your previous backup, and you would not even know if you need it!  With DiskImage, you can create a snapshot of your disk, and have it automatically updated incrementally.  It can even be fully automated, so you won’t have to mark your calendars, unless you want it burned each time.

Perfect Copy – sometimes we just need a dummy drive to work out of, just in case we lose everything while we experiment.  DiskImage has a solution for that.  It can create an exact, workable copy of your drive, which you can work out of.  However, this particular image will need a lot more memory and will not be able to accommodate updates.

Boot CD – If an update is made on a computer, and that update makes the whole system crash, DiskImage can come in to save the day.  It can create snapshots of your hard drive, so it can definitely create boot CDs that have the previous settings that made your system work.  As long as your hard drive is fine, just pop in your CD and let it bring the system back to life.


You will never know how many computers you will need to back up, and laplink know this as well.  That is why it can offer you a number of options in terms of licenses and usage:

Number – Price
Single $39.95
Five Pack $180.00
Ten Pack $350.00
Twenty Five Pack $800.00

The more computers you will want to secure, the more savings you get. Once again it’s a product I use and definitely recommend it.

Watch the video review of Laplink DiskImage

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  1. sandy johnson Says:

    With the growing technology and computer usage, data storage has become a complex and hard task for user. I got this software through recommendation of my friend and now see my all data got a back up copy and I don’t have to worry about losing them even if my disk got crash or burn, which happen on usual basis.






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