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Buffer App Review: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you haven’t already go download Hoot Suite. It’s free for up to 5 accounts. If you are running any kind of social media campaigns you need a social media managing platform. Buffer App is another tool one can use to manage social media.

Buffer app is the new social media manager that is giving Hootsuite a run for its money. With over 400,000 users and counting, Buffer app is clean, simple and does exactly what it claims to do: schedule social media updates and instantly share content on the web. That, and “create an authentic and honest appearance on social media.”

Buffer App Review
What’s it for?

Buffer app schedules your social media updates. It’s ideal for people who don’t want to spend the whole day updating their Twitter or Facebook: spend a few minutes on Buffer creating your updates and schedule them to post whenever you like. Or you can choose from one of the default timeslots designed to post updates during peak hours with high traffic.

Who’s it for?

Buffer app is for any social media user who wants a streamlined management solution. Don’t have hours to spend on Facebook and Twitter? Simply create your update, and Buffer does the rest—“automagically” posting them throughout the day. Time-released social media updates are not exactly new, but the Buffer app aims to make the process easier. No micromanagement, no sweat.

What to Expect?

•    Supports multiple social media accounts
•    One-click content sharing with the Buffer browser extension/mobile app
•    Schedule updates to post whenever you like
•    Automatic scheduling option (choose from several posting schedules)
•    Delete and add schedules
•    Twitter and Facebook analytics
•    LinkedIn stats
•    Works with news readers like TweetDeck, Evernote, Flipboard, Pulse and more
•    Mobile content sharing
•    Tweetcaster integration


Buffer app has two versions: free and paid. For free, you can add up to 10 updates at a time for each social media account (limited to one of each social profile). For $10 a month (the “Awesome” plan), you get unlimited posts, 12 social profiles and 2 team members.

Buffer App Pros

One of my favorite Buffer app tools is the “Add to Buffer” button. It’s like Pinterest’s “Pin It” button. Whenever I stumble on something witty or interesting, I just click “Add to Buffer” and it goes to my Buffer queue, posting instantly, whenever I like or posting throughout the day following my earlier updates. Some people say Buffer app works best with Facebook and Twitter for Android, but I’ve never had a problem using it with iOS devices. Another thing I love is that the developers are not shoving their product in my face. In fact, they link to other excellent social media tools that they believe would make your life easier. Overall, Buffer app free version does exactly what it claims to do, and painlessly.

•    Simple to use
•    Streamlined UI
•    Organized by account
•    Automatically shortens links
•    Great for single user

Buffer App Cons

The free version of Buffer is perfect for users like me who only have a handful of social media accounts to look after. But for someone who manages several pages, you’ll have to pay $10 monthly to connect multiple accounts (a maximum of 12). Buffer app still trails behind Hootsuite when it comes to scheduling features and analytics, so you might want to get that if you have a lot of tracking to do.

•    Scheduling feature not as advanced as Hootsuite’s
•    Basic analytics
•    Free plan lets you connect only one each of a social profile

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