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Submitting Press Releases? PRWeb Might Be Your Solution

There are several services provided online that focus on advertising your business and increasing its potential for revenue and growth.  However, most of them deal with subscriptions and the constant increase in the content of your website.  PRWeb focuses on the same objective, but is focused more on the proper spread on the news and the return of useable data that may be utilized for further growth.

PRWeb Press Release Newswire

What Exactly Is PRWeb?

Taken from the name itself, this is an online public relations tool that would allow you to connect with other people on the web in order to make your business known.  It is essentially a network of information put at your disposal.  If you have a new business, an expansion of your business or anything newsworthy that you think will be of use to others, you can place the information into the network and have it broadcast by different sources, starting from the PRWeb site up to other high profile websites that get the attention of huge investors.

Why Use PRWeb?

By submitting press releases you can gain visibility in search engines. By using PRWeb you will be submitting your news to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. PR Web places your story on news websites like Yahoo! News and every major search engine, and delivers it directly to 30,000 journalists and bloggers.

How Does PRWeb Work?

On an overview, PRWeb works in a very simple way.  As someone who wishes to get more customers, you write certain information about your business that you believe is of much interest to potential investors and buyers.  Once the article is done and uploaded onto PRWeb, it is broadcast to thousands of journalists, bloggers and other people who are interested in that information.  This spread, all in one go, ensures that the people who are interested will hear about what you have to share.  Either that, or they will know who to share that information with.

PRWeb does not just end with the sharing of the information though.  They will give you statistics based on the performance of your article.  Information such as how many people read the article, to where it was read, what time and even the number of times the information was shared and where they were shared.  This will give you a sense as to where you may perform better, and who your next target audience or area should be.

PRWeb Video Tutorial Walk Through

How Much Does PRWeb Cost?

Like every service, PRWeb has a number of plans that cater to your needs, depending on how far you want to go.  They vary from your article just staying on the server of PRWeb, which is the basic plan and in itself allows you to reach out to the thousands that are permanently subscribed to the articles of PRWeb.  This means that those bloggers are already potential folks who can repeat your information and spread the word about you and your business.

Basic is $99, Standard $159, Advanced $249, Premium $369, and Financial costs $499.

The higher costing plans will have your articles reach the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and a number of other news agencies that can repeat your information and bring you a huge return on your business if you plan it all right.

Pricing plans start at $99 an article, and you need not worry about getting it wrong because the subscription comes with sample articles as well as guides that you may use in order to format your articles and broadcasts properly.  This is not a site that is about to watch you sign up in order to fail.  That will be counter productive.  Instead, it wants to see you succeed with every broadcast to make sure that you keep coming back to the service.

Are There Any Coupons?

Yes, there are some deals for first time PRWeb Customers. Right now get $50 off your new press release. You can also try PR Web for free.

What Kind Of Reviews Does PR Web Get?

The Better Business Bureau gives PRWeb aka Vocus Inc. an A+ rating.

Final Thoughts On PR Web

Expensive, but if you have the money it’s worth a shot. PR Web is one of the more reputable companies out there so you really can’t go wrong. It’s at least worth a free trial.

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    Hey, I want to know more about press releases work procedure. How they distribute and will it follow the latest penguin or panda updates which hurt our business rapidly; I really want to use this service for better lead generation as I know how much news agencies help in the business development.






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