TapIt Mobile Advertising Buyout and $100.00 Traffic Test

TapIt Mobile Advertising Buyout & $100.00 Traffic Test

When two companies that work within the same area of expertise come together, one of two things can be expected.  It’s either one company gets completely eradicated until not a single employee remembers that the other company ever existed, or the two work to develop each other until the two names co-exist and are considered as synonymous.  We expect and hope that the latter is what we can expect to see from the purchase of TapIt by it’s proud new owner, phunware.

$100 Traffic Test

I purchased $100 worth of advertising from Tap It just to see how it would perform. I tested a mobile dating offer, loan offer, and several other offers. Here are my results (Only conversions):

Conversion Tap It

As you can see I had 2 conversions for the dating offer for a total of $7.50. Commission on this offer were very low, but 2 conversions is a start. Even though a -$92.50 loss is a big deal, I know the traffic converts and that really is half the battle. Start playing around with new offers and changing ads around. Eventually if my hunch is correct you could get into positive territory with TapIt mobile traffic. Just watch your spending and be sure to add a daily spending cap. TapIt is like most mobile advertising companies, traffic comes in the form of a tidal wave.

Min. deposit for TapIt is $50.00

Only form of payment accepted is PayPal

TapIt Home

About TapIt

TapIt was started by a group of people who were able to read the signs and figure out where the internet landscape was headed.  At this time, the internet was already widely available and people were just mastering the monster that had opened up a whole new way to do business.  As people struggled with their PCs in order to cater to a shrinking world and a global market, technology started taking a new turn by introducing the mobile device.

We are not speaking of the regular cellular phone at this point.  We speak of the portable computers that can do almost anything that a regular desktop can do.  This was still the internet, but with a totally new format.  Of course, all companies that did internet advertising jumped onto the mobile advertising world as well, but TapIt took a step back to ask, “is everything that is used on the internet, working for the mobile advertising scene as well?”  That question gave the direction to TapIt.

In a pinch, people go to TapIt in order to get their mobile needs answered.  Advertisers are able to advertise, track the performance of their advertisements and tweak their programs in order to get the most out of the money they invest.  Of course, there are also publishers who help expand the reach of the company in terms of advertising, and then there are the developers who type the numbers and let those become programs that convey the message of companies and their products to the target audience.

The Merging of Two Giants

The purchase deal made by Phunware for the purchase of TapIt was completed December 2012 and announced the following month.  The deal, however, was not sealed in a single month, which is normal.  Phunware, being a company that concentrated on the mobile industry and pioneered the MaaS (Mobile as a Service) system that offered a wide range of services in the mobile industry.  At a certain point, it knew that it could no longer build new services from the ground up, and decided to look to other companies that were aligned to its vision.  This was when they decided to purchase TapIt.

Despite what others might interpret as a violent takeover, both companies and their employees have nothing but praise to say when they discuss the decision to buy/sell.  TapIt was able to create a great reporting structure for advertisers that make them of huge value to the users.  Phunware would have nothing to offer but growth to the considerably smaller company, and this is because it already has huge names on its client list such as NASCAR, CBS, NBC and other letters of the alphabet that just spell money in different ways.

In Conclusion

If something is not broke, you do not fix it.  This is old wisdom that all people follow, and Phunware knows this by heart.  The existing service provided by TapIt is already great, and can only be improved upon.  Any mistake may mean a loss of millions in customer investments.  This is important to Phunware, so one could say that they will do their utmost to keep TapIt at its top shape, and do nothing but improve on the service.

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