Lumosity Review: Read This Before Signing Up

Lumosity Review: Read This Before Signing Up

Neuroscientists have discovered that the ability of human brain is huge, as they have found that human brain can develop new neurons.  With appropriate training, latent potential of the human brain can be unlocked. Though it’s assumed that with age people tend to lose the sharpness of their mind, it can be countered if perfect brain training is maintained. For the people of younger age, regular brain exercise can help improving concentration paving the way for success in life.


Who is is developed by Lumos Labs, Inc, a company in San Francisco. The objective of is to help people improve their mental attributes using funny and effective methods. It has developed gameplays using results of neuroscience researches to stimulate human brain and develop its efficiency. Neurologists have found that human brain is very powerful and people can unlock its true potential if trained properly. has used the outcome of thousands of research works and put them together to develop their superb gameplay collection. currently boasts a user base of over 35 million people. Reviews from its users can be found on its webpage where people are describing their stories of self- improvement.

Feature Games

Brain Performance Index (BPI)

Brain Performance Index of BPI is an index used by to measure the performance of its users’ brain training progress. Users of can participate in cognitive games on the website. It then analyzes the results of their performance and presents the outcome using the BPI.  More than 13,000,000 game results have been analyzed in order to develop the Brain Performance Index scale. Therefore, it is very efficient and accurate in measuring the performance of your brain.

Keeping Our Brain Active

Our ability to concentrate and maintain focus on a regular basis varies from time to time. While our monotonous routine works may hamper our ability to concentrate on our business, kids and older people simply lose focus because of the nature of their mind.  An alert and focused mind setup allows you to do your job more accurately and in lesser amount of time. So keeping your brain active can be vital in obtaining the goals of your life.

Games like Word Bubbles, Raindrops and Penguin Pursuit require quick responses from you. Participating in these gaming sessions regularly draws out quick responses from your brain. This can be very helpful for those who work in monotonous environment day after day.

The brain training programs of can also help kids improve their attention and productivity in a not-so-orthodox way. Kids will enjoy the gaming sessions while completely unaware of the fact that they are participating in tasks that are intended to develop their latent potentials.

How Much Does It Cost? provides several packages for its users to choose from. It has monthly, yearly and lifetime subscription packages that allow you to choose the most suitable package for you and your family. The monthly package costs $14.95 a month, the yearly package costs $6.70 a month, the two year costs $4.99 a month, and the lifetime costs $299.95.


Has it helped?

I’ve been using for 5 days now and I’ve already seen improvements in my BPI of 678 points. The games are really addicting and fun. You constantly want to beat your previous high scores and compete with others. I say Lumosity has helped me become a little quicker. Lumosity has also shinned a light on the areas that I need improving. For $14.95/month with no long term commitment how can you go wrong?

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  1. simon student Says:

    Wow, this site look really cool. I will sign up right away to improve my memory and question solving abilities. Hopefully this will help me to crack competitive exams.






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