BigCommerce & Volusion Comparison 2013

Online Selling Made Easy – BigCommerce & Volusion Comparison

In this world, one has to prepare and learn a lot before diving into any endeavor.  Some require doctorate degrees or a masters in business administration.  Thankfully, there are those who come to the aid of those in need, especially in the area of online selling.

Online selling is a business concept that has just popped up very recently, and new concepts are generally not accepted well.  Those who were raised by people of the traditional generation would not as easily adapt to the new concept of online selling, even if it means having the people of the whole world as part of your target market.  This is why it is great that there are those companies that offer their assistance in setting up online shops.

This is exactly what the websites and do for their clients.  They put up a platform for people who wish to sell online, and make the process of selling extremely easy.  The steps are simple: set up the service, upload the information of your wares, and start selling and receiving payment.  It can be done in minutes if you are not that picky, and both websites offer a two week trial period wherein you can set up your site and figure out whether the service is for you or not.

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Visit Volusion and also try for free!

The processes of the two websites are fairly similar.  From the get go, you have their full support.  The first step would be to design your website, and both have a huge number of templates to choose from.  Most people would worry about the programming part of the site, but it really would not matter as one can choose to use the templates or create an independent platform.  Both sites can support geek language and have you do HTML if you want to go to that extent.  If you prefer to go a different route, designers are also available to help, all you need to do is ask.

Receiving payment from customers is also a huge thing when it comes to online businesses, and this makes sense.  Payments is what keeps the business running, and both offer merchant accounts for every site that you set up.  Both can also integrate with different payment gateways that you may have already set up previously, so importing a business into either website will not be a hassle.

Of course each site comes with different plans, and it would be best to tackle those one by one:

Volusion has five plans ranging from $15 a month to $195 a month.  The main difference here would be how many products you can sell on your store, as well as the amount of storage that you would have at your disposal, ranging from 1GB to an unlimited amount of storage.  As you go up the ladder though, the type of support that you have gets better, as the most basic plan has online support only while the two top paid plans have priority support.  Check on the number of extra items that you get such as Facebook integration to customer feedback, because some extras are excluded in the lower plans.

BigCommerce has five plans as well ranging from $24.95 to $299.95 a month, though the main difference in these plans are really just the storage space, the number of products that are offered, as well as the number of staff log-ins that one can assign to employees if there is more than one person maintaining the site.  All come with a discount for Google Adwords, and starting at the mid plan at $79.95 a month, there is the abandoned cart saver that can help in calling customers who have not bought what is in their cart back to finish the purchase (this is offered at Volusion at $35 a month).  Bigcommerce offers a 10% discount on annual subscriptions.

Of course each site will say that they are the best in their field,but your needs would really be the best basis for that.  Search out both stores and see what they offer.  The trial period is there to make you see if it is a good deal, and perhaps one will succeed in getting you to expand your customer base without increasing the number of stores that you have.  Because online selling gives you the key to the world while setting up shop at one place only – online.

Visit Big Commerce and try for free!

Visit Volusion and also try for free!

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    Yeah, that’ a good thing if online selling companies are providing multiple options for their customer to go for trial period. It will give a clear imagination of what to buy from online company. I have just entered into online buying through this company and they provide such a great deals in every product, I feel good after shopping here.






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